Where The Wild Things Were

So today I was watching my kids walking out of school, which in itself is super cute. There is nothing like watching your 6-year-old and 4-year-old walking to the car, in school uniform (though WHY must the Master 6’s shirts be business style white shirts? Distaster’s waiting to happen that have seen is purchase EIGHT this year so far at $60 each… Yeah holy shitballs right?) and bags that are 2/3 their size dragging behind them. As a Mummy moment, it’s all kinds of cute.

Though we know this blog isn’t about fucking cute. What I also noticed blew my brain. Not too much can do that, I generally fundamentally think the majority of the population is all kinds of stupid. Not you dear reader, because you read this blog and stupid people don’t read this blog. Well unless it’s about them, then they fucking read it obsessively. I’m still living it up in my hater mansion in your head btw. Living it up… Sitting on the deck in the nice spring weather drinking a good glass of Pinot. Cheers!

At my kid’s school you can tell the kids grade level by shirt colour, up to starched business shirt for 6 year olds. I challenge any 6  year old boy to keep a shirt like that in pristine condition, as the school requires. Gotta love private schools. Non pristine shirt gets you an email from them politley requesting you get a new shirt. My inbox would be polluted by these if I wan’t in the business of shirt buying frequently, because my son is 6 and of course his shirt gets dirty so go fuck you and your uniform code are not appropriate. Even when worded delicately. I found this out the interesting way. But I digress this isn’t about the state of my kids shirts or the uniform guidelines (though seriously they are out of control they even have a specific range of lengths boys hair can be, not too short and back of hair can’t be touching collar of shirt). They actually take this shit real seriously.

I’m rarely surprised…. You all know this.

But this surprised me, today after school I saw a kid in a  shirt (indicating he was a 5-6 year old) sitting outside in the middle of the oval after school (unsupervised may I add) talking on a mobile phone. Luckily I’m not in the market for another 5-year-old boy. A girl since I have only 1 and 3 boys? Hmm maybe, though my diva is a handful as is. Again I digress…

That’s right, a kid at the age of 6 max sitting in school property, totally unsupervised, talking on his mobile phone. What the living fuck?! On several different levels.

What 6-year-old has his own mobile phone? Prepaid or not? Yes it was a real phone, an iPhone 7 at that and it was his and he was chatting away on it. You could argue Mum might be running late and she was talking to him. But if Mum runs late, the kids go to the after school care which is to make sure kids are safe, watched and generally because it’s the schools fucking responsibility to keep them safe when you have placed them in their care. This means they are not sitting unsupervised on the oval. Damn even the car park is supervised, he’d had been safer there! Digressed again. This kid had a PHONE, an expensive phone and is just chatting away to God knows who for the good 20 minutes I was keeping an eye on him. I REALLY should have gone up to him to check on him and taken him to a more appropriate place for a 6-year-old. Hindsight. Next time I will.

When did it become common place to give small children their own phone? Hell it’s even in the school rules that senior students (year 7 so 12 and up) must have their phones turned off DURING CLASS. So I can draw from this it’s ok for a 12-year-old to have a phone at school as long as they are only using it before, after and in their lunch breaks. Again, what the living fuck? Why does a kid who’s 12 NEED a phone for anyways. Yes you could argue its a safety thing if they are walking home, taking a bus or to call parent that they need to be picked up after an after school activity. But as a kid my parents KNEW what times activities finished and were there to pick me up at the designated time. I never walked or caught a bus to school so I can’t comment on that. Though with private schools bus drop off is from door to door, so that eliminates that. But since the wording of the school rules doesn’t say kids can only have phone in them for this purpose, I assume any kid can have a phone. Has the world gone mad?

I got my first phone when I got my license, at 17. I was independent and if I ran into trouble or the car broke down or something I could contact someone. This makes perfect sense. Actually a child driving without a phone would be irresponsible. As long as it’s wired into the car and hands free. We don’t need new drivers breaking the law talking holding the phone or texting when driving. Let’s face it a 17-year-old has minimal driving skills compared to an experienced adult, or a responsible adult I should say because supposedly experienced and responsible adults still break those two laws plus also drive drunk and high.

Don’t even start me on the total selfishness of drunk and high driving. You get a license here at 17 and can legally drink at 18. We all know, well science does, that the pre frontal cortex for risk assessment doesn’t fully develop into adult logic until 25. This is why basically teenagers and early 20 year olds do a lot of dumb shit. They don’t have the mental faculties to do a full risk assessment and comprehend all the risks and outcomes involved. Yes, we’ve all been there, I admit it freely. But I’m also very type A and for the greatest portion of my life been an over thinker and risk taking was always more calculated than my counterparts. Likely why I don’t have a criminal record or managed to hurt/kill myself or someone else. Though I have saved a few lives….. That’s a whole other life and not for this blog! That said I’ve done dumb shit….

But as far as drink driving or drugged driving goes I have HUGE issues. Wrap yourself around a pole and die because you made a bad decision, not a good thing but it’s never that simple is it? They generally always take someone else out with them. Whether it’s hurt or kill and driving with these idiots on the road, with my four kids in the car and I see all fucking kinds of red. If a drunk/drugged driver ever smashed into my car and even a single hair was harmed on anyone’s head in my car, that other person better be prepared to deal with me. Put it this way if the accident didn’t hurt them badly I would. If my child lost their life, I sure as shit would be in jail for murder. No joke. I could be near dead myself but I would still manage to fucking kill the bastard! Several times over if possible. But again I digress, seems to be the theme today.

We live in such a technology filled world, our kids come out of the womb with iPads, or close enough. There are numerous studies showing the disadvantages of introducing technology too young, yet they are still used in school because they are like kiddie crack. Kids ARE learning off them no doubt, but areas like social communication, attention span lengths for non technology related activities and even health (your kids playing with an iPad rather than running at the park, getting dirty and being physical and building immunity) issues. Yet we are all guilty of letting our kids use these things though I personally DO try to limit non learning activities, I’m that Mum. My kids will thank me for it one day.

So I sit here and ponder the line between technology advancing us as the human race and ruining us. I’m starting to think it’s a precarious line that needs close examination. Sure technology to enhance our lives is fine, when we need it to actually live our lives? Problem. I was lost without internet for 2 days when I recently went to a wedding where there was minimal reception. I had no idea what to do with myself. The saddest part was I ended up reading books on my iPad (or MrBmB as I gave up the iPad a long time ago) or watching movies on my laptop. All technology based…. I didn’t interact with a single person other than Mr BMB and my kids on the phone, I didn’t go outside and I sure as hell didn’t do something spontaneous or adventurous. I might be oldish, but I’m not dead and none of this other stuff occurred to me. I was too busy whining about the lack of internet, how many emails I was missing and how I couldnt shop online (yes I hate people and I hate shopping in centres with them) but I never used to have a choice.

So I wonder if this is what it’s like now, what hope do our children and their children have? We have SO many children being diagnosed with speech/language and communication disorders. Is it because we are more vigilant now or because we simply just don’t really communicate the same way anymore?

I’ll leave you with this interesting tidbit, for most children one of their first 10-20 words is iPad or phone. What the living fuck? That’s at 1 to 1.5 years of age, maybe younger if you have a talker. That clearly points out something is very wrong! The word park? In the top 50 to 100 and linguistically speaking park is a more easily formed word by sound acquisition than phone or iPad. The “p” sound is early developing “ph”, later and 2 syllable iPad, even later. So it’s all about exposure. Sobering thoughts really!

Happy New Year!

Well it’s a new year, so that of course means a new me. Bahahaha, I can’t even type that without giggling because as a classic narcissist there really isn’t anything I would change.

Yep, I know that’s a big call and I’m willing to make it. But lets face facts folks, 99% of you made New Year resolution’s and less than a week into 2015 you have broken them already, or at least some. The optimist in me likes to think you have broken them all already, because let’s face it; New Years resolution’s are made to be broken. They are things we want to be or achieve EVERY day but use this arbitrary line in the sand as a starting point because it’s well the start of a new year.

But what does that mean really? It means that one second ago we were in last year, the next a new year and you still have the same ambitions and dreams but no real compulsion to actually change. Do we really think that that extra second ticking over on the clock that is life has changed us to a point where we really are ready and committed to making the changes?

I think if you REALLY wanted to make those changes and were committed to really making them, you would have gotten you ass in gear and changed already. That extra second, perfectly timed to think about them and become totally committed? Horseshit! That is a fool’s paradise.
Now don’t get me wrong there ARE certain goals that can only be made for a specific year, say get married, have a baby, apply for that new job that has a deadline in the new year. These things are automatically crossed off the new years resolutions list in my mind, because lets face it you were ALREADY resolved to them in 2014, they are just going to occur in 2015. So let’s just chalk them up to plans you have for 2015 and not resolutions.
I’m talking the giving up smoking, losing weight, getting motivated type resolutions. Oh the irony of getting motivation as a new years resolution. You realise you have just given yourself 364 more days to “try to try” and get motivated bonus a day if it’s a leap year.

To me that sounds more like procrastination, not a resolution and trust me I know procrastination when I see it. Actually I personally think that ALL new years resolutions are a result of procrastination, because you really could have decided to make any of these choices or changes the second before 2015 hit, you just chose not too. So that magical unicorn of an extra second ticking over on the clock? The inspiration that came with ringing in 2015 and likely the alcohol involved, will fade just as the shine of a brand new year wears off, the hangover kicks in  and we realise that the only thing that has changed is we now date everything as 2015 (well we will struggle with that until about June and then we will be saying “where did the year go”) from the old and tired 2014.
Some people may call me cynical and I’ll happily own that, but I’m also a realist. I know that in that one magical second tick over NOTHING changed in the person to motivate lasting change. This is why NY resolutions are pretty much always bound to fail. You haven’t changed at all, you haven’t suddenly become motivated and life morphed magically into 2015 from 2014 and all the baggage, excuses and crap we use to undermine…. Errr validate…. our reasons not to change, remain the same. There needs to be some lightning bolt moment, a crash to our lowest low or some other factor that will motivate real change that we actually stick to. Not just the second hand ticking over of a clock….. That’s when real change and motivation comes about.

So dear reader I cheers to the moments in 2015 when you will hit rock bottom, your life comes crashing down or you reach your limits AND then you have the motivation for change.

It seems sort of morbid, yes I know and I’m sorry that the truth doesn’t change, just to be palatable. The above moments, these are the moments in life that define us and change us, for the worse or the better it is up to us. We either learn from them, choose to change, wallow in them (to be far a wallowing grace period is allowed but no more than 2 -5 days, unless it truly is something tragic like a death) or do nothing, which is a choice in itself.

So here is to the lows, the rock bottoms and the total fallout’s of 2015 that will change some of us, to the pain they bring, the experience, the insight and ultimately a resolution you actually will stick to.

I don’t wish hard times on anyone, but we all have them and as the cliché it sounds it’s always darkest before the dawn. One of truest thing I have found in life. That and FB and PayPal really are cunts!
For those of you who still have stuck to those resolutions, well good on you, but I give it 2 months max before that motivation wans and old patterns and habits kick back in…. But hopefully you will find your rock bottom, the motivation to claw your way out and make those changes stick.

So here is to the failures, disappointment’s and hard times in 2015. May we learn, grow and change from them, not just clinging to the hope of a ticking over of a second hand on a clock.
Happy New Year!

Is 7 a lucky number or something?

Well I have added to post below that CLEARLY states my personal opinion on irresponsible parenting and how some people are just plain crazy. Though since despite medical advice and complications said moron is pregnant AGAIN at minimum 7 weeks post partum (after this was written) with baby #7…. I was feeling nostalgic and decided it was worth a repost.

So enjoy my rehash and declaration that this person really needs to get a hobby AND PSYCHIATRIC HELP!


Well today’s topic is going to piss a fair few people off. Specific people but to be fair I think you’re all uneducated plebs with the combined IQ of driftwood, so for the record I don’t give a flying fuck, you can kiss my skinny ass.

Nothing wrong with fat asses, but I exercised and dieted to get mine back after 4 kids with 3 spinal fractures and didn’t go the medical route of having half my stomach removed cause I’m a lazy bitch. I will point out there are 2 exceptions to that statement (E and R) so not referring to you, but I think that’s obvious cause you’re my bitches!

I always say I’m against Mummy Wars and I totally AM. I couldn’t give a fuck how you had your kid, breastfeeding/formula fed or any of the other competitive bullshit women are into. Unless you’re a bad parent, then I care.

Seriously in 6 months no one will give a shit and likely no one does now. They might ask but I really don’t think they care enough to actually be fussed, it just seems it’s part of the Mummy Wars or something to ask.

What I do care about is people who pop kids out like they are candy (yes I have four but mine are all loved, fed, well-educated and balanced… No candy popping here), don’t look after their kids and seem intent on building their own little secluded cult.

As a child development specialist, let me tell you, you’re fucking up big time and the fact you don’t care, because it’s about you and not the kids, makes you an unfit parent in my opinion. Yep I’ll say it, you’re an UNFIT PARENT, you need investigation and the best thing that could ever happen, for your kids, is they are taken away from you. Professionally, you REALLY need a psych evaluation and I can predict you’ll fail miserably. Smart money is on Borderline Personality Disorder and I don’t say that lightly cause damn that shit is serious.

Today I heard a tale of a parent who had a new child that made no fucking sense at all. Scheduled sections before term that weren’t emergency, IUGR that seems to be missing from the picture but obvious, a baby that appears to be in the NICU despite the claims of being healthy and of course how all the complications were due to the medical profession and not the fact that you’re a completely uneducated fool, whose been pushing their own agenda for years.

See I realise if you admit you were wrong now, your credibility is shot (if you had any other than your sheep followers) and basically you’ve been TRYING to pass yourself off as educated for over half a decade, with NO real qualification. I’m sorry universities that are based on the Internet don’t count nor do BS courses that have no real accreditation bodies. Frankly you’re an Epic Uneducated Cunt who should be locked up for not only being crazy but for child abuse.

Yes this seems harsh but fuck it, it’s exactly how I feel and I’m not going to mince words here cause guess what? This is MY space and you can’t edit me here. So suck that big fat one! Hey fuck HERE I’M THE QUEEN….

No pregnancy is not a “medical condition” but needs medical management because it’s in the best interests of the baby. But you know better right? Yes it’s natural, but so’s producing insulin and my pancreas didn’t get the memo. Sure women have been having babies since the dawn of time and the death rates for both mothers and babies have declined dramatically since we discovered this thing called medical management and preventative care. See preventative care doesn’t mean medical condition, it means preventing and managing any issues that may arise.

I feel the same about women who smoke, drink and take dangerous drugs when pregnant. Poison yourself, that’s fine. But you’re damaging your baby and that’s unacceptable. When you choose to have a child their health SHOULD come first and if it doesn’t, why are you even bothering? You’re setting them up for a life of increased risk of cancers, psychological and health issues. How is THAT being a good parent? Sorry you fail that basic test and I have no time for you. Even eating foods considered high risk cause you “crave” them is irresponsible. Sure the odds are in your favour but I’ve known THREE separate women to lose babies to Listeria and toxoplasmosis. Is it worth the gamble? Fuck if I can avoid carbs (being diabetic) and keep my sugars so regulated that even the hardest assed endocrinologist can’t fault me, then why so hard to just be healthy?!

I personally have had 4 complicated pregnancies and deliveries. With Master 6, perfect pregnancy, without the instant medical care during delivery I got in a medical setting we’d both be dead. With the last 3, just I’d be dead. I’m sure Mr BmB would love to be a widower with 4 kids. But my life was saved every last time, due to unexpected and unpredictable complications. Complications that had I said home birthed would have had me dead before an ambulance got here.

Fortunately I’m educated enough to know there are real risks, unpredictable risks and ones that need immediate attention. I’m not just saying hospital births, I’m all good with well supervised birthing centres and even well monitored home births. But free births (or free birth VBAC’s, fucking lunacy) and you’re fucking out of your mind! How a woman in labour or the Daddy can see disaster coming with NO formal training is impossible? This lesson was almost learned the hard way by a certain individual who missed a mild abruption for 48 hours. Had it been a total abruption and they’d both have been dead.

So today’s post is dedicated to giving a giant “you’re a fucking cunt idiot who cares more for THEIR birth experience than the actual focus on the joy of the BABY’S birth”, which is how it should be. Fuck this mentality it’s about your experience, regardless of the risk and maybe let’s think about how a REAL honest to god birth plan should simply be to have a baby in the safest and best environment FOR the baby. See the distinction?

As for the BS story I heard today filled with misinformation, lies and basic stupidity I’m filled with nothing but contempt. You really are a failure as a mother, because a REAL mother puts their kids first regardless of their personal preferences. That’s being a parent, a good parent. But you know fuck all about that. But like I said there are obvious psychiatric issues underlying this persons stupidity.

As an added note being anorexic and pregnant is not a good thing. All against medical intervention in any form but other than for cosmetic reasons. The mind boggles. Boob job next? Awesome. Cause bring in a medical setting to have a baby “dangerous” but gastric bypass surgery and boob job? Of course, why wouldn’t you?

Fucking insanity!

Oh and if you don’t like this post or my opinion I hope the door hits you hard on the ass on the way out! You’re just as fucking stupid as they are and we can’t be friends! Full Stop!

Wakefield And Immunization Propoganda

Immunizations are a controversial issue, they shouldn’t be. But due to a Class A Epic Cunt Dr Wakefield (former Dr it should be noticed as his medical licence was revoked) and a proven falsified study (paid off for result) this has been a hot topic for debate.

I will state I’m categorically FOR scheduled immunization. I trust my doctor, immunological specialists  and scientific evidence that supports there is ZERO link between ANY immunisation and Autism. I work with autistic children and immunosuppressed  kids who can’t be immunized for real MEDICAL reason.

Conscientious objectors in my mind are misinformed, mindless sheep who use Dr Google and deserve to be shot in the spot. Well maybe not literally but verbally. I have ZERO time and patience for your dribble. Those who suggest herd immunity is a myth and argue “why bother the disease rates have decreased” (directly linked to immunization rates) and now the reemergence of these preventable diseases and death/lasting harm due to catching these diseases with not being immunized is catching up with us.

Yes immunizations don’t always prevent the disease but they do the severity of the disease and complication rates. I even heard a fucking idiot argue immunity is not a real thing. My mind near fucking exploded and if I could stab someone through the Internet I would have, repeatedly.

See the anti immunization trend is just that trendy and ignorant. The advocates have NO idea of real science, peer-reviewed studies and say it’s big pharmaceutical companies just trying to make money off us. Forget that immunization is free and big pharma make more money curing diseases than preventing them…. That’s too much for them to comprehend. Let alone ethical medical conduct and the multiple trials and years of development, research and testing that goes into these things. Cause that’s all bullshit right?

This is a RED HOT topic of mine that will put me on epic tilt the second I get a sniff of it and it turns me into a raging bitch. Look you could even cause me a cunt, cause I sure as shit act like one if you sprout anti immunization propaganda at me. If you can walk away (literally) not torn to shreds or obliterated into a shell of a person, then I’ve had a really bad day or you’re too dumb to actually comprehend my vitriol on the topic.

Today it was set off by this article, reminding me of the waste of lives, time, resources and money Wakefield is responsible for.

Heres one of my favorite versions of how immunizations and herd immunity works.

My thoughts?

FUCK YOU Wakefield!! You should be held PERSONALLY accountable for EVERY child who has died/damaged due to preventable diseases. Jail time and financially. Yet you’ve started up again. They took your medical license for a reason.

May you rot in a special spot in hell you bastard!

Yeah that’s the tame version.

I could list a million different reasons as to why immunizations are important, why they work and how the ignorance of the non vax move has affected our world. But let’s face it ignorant people don’t want to be educated, don’t listen and have NO regard for their children or community.

Yes I realise the irony of me saying don’t rely on non medical resources, such as blogs and propaganda pages and then posting saying “listen to me”… To that I say I’m providing you with the peer-reviewed latest research, the last one that blew the entire theory out of the water.

I do agree yes children can have bad reactions to immunizations, like any medication. It’s all listed on the leaflets on the packets (ever read an antibiotic pamphlet? Bet you don’t think twice when your kid is screaming with an ear infection). Not to mention these “side effects” are ANY self report by parents. Enough people claim the MMR shit turned their boy into a girl and legally they are required to add it to the list. Litigation is to blame. It doesn’t make it truth. It makes it so big pharma can’t have the crap sued out of them.

Here is a visual representation of what non vaxing is doing in relation to the spread of preventable diseases.

imageSince 2008?

This shows you the increase in real terms. Yeah pretty fucking scary. That’s only a few years. Imagine a few more images of what the years to come will contain, unless some common sense comes into play and vaccinations are made mandatory. That’s right I said mandatory. Fuck individual choice, this is a public health issue the affects us all. Individual choice can kiss my ass.

There is a recent  scientific study that SHOULD have out the nail in the coffin. This was not funded by anyone but an independent researcher with NOTHING to gain from research. No funding, no under the table deals and confirms EVERY peer reviews study proves Wakfield was paid off to falsify data. Hell his research team dobbed him in and recanted. Good for them!

Here is a great example. Though the exact study I mentioned above I’m still trying to obtain copyright to put here. When I get it, I will put it up.

It seems it’s only accessible through Science Direct and if you’re not a student or prescribed then you have to pay. I can’t break copyright laws but here are the major points!

Here is also a great link to other valuable scientific peer-reviewed data.

Some myths dispelled.

Thimerosal is NOT used in immunizations as an adjunct anymore.

Mercury is NOT used in immunizations. and even/if  it was you get more daily exposure in day-to-day life.

You ingest more formaldehyde in a pear than is in immunizations. You let you kid!s eat pears?

I could go on and on. But research papers with a journal database of peer-reviewed studies or failing that educate yourself using Google Scholar for the love of God.

I will draw to a close here before I really lose my cool. This is a black and white area for me.

My final words are immunizations don’t cause autism, if the cause side effects it’s been proven there are 100% of the time an underlying genetic issue, so getting the disease will set it off too. It’s time we woke the fuck up and stopped believing the disproven shit that Wakefield published. Stopped listening to playboy bunnies who claim they cured Autism (Jenny McCarthy) whose child actually has Landau-Kleffner Syndrome but won’t admit it publicly cause if the slew of lawsuits she would face. Though conveniently has changed her anti immunization stance over the past year.

I really recommend the documentary, again independent. Fear, love, jabbed and vaccinations for a full historic background on immunizations.

Immunize you’re bloody children (and get adult boosters) and stop listening to those who “know someone who knows someone it happened to”, it’s bullshit and without a complete medical and genetic profile means dick. Even patents with “immunized harmed children” speak out to the value of immunizations and state that their child was found to have an underlying medical condition or genetic issue they were unaware of that DIRECTlY caused the reaction.





It Has To Be Darwnism…


Want an instant nosebleed? All I can think is it has to be Darwinism at work… Or perhaps it’s more of a natural cult ingrained mentality. All I know is I will NEVER understand how you can call yourself “The Land Of The Free” when you have this constant fear hanging over your head.

I won’t go on and on about it…. Been there done that but to say “I’ll just never get it” is a gross understatement.

One year on from Sandy Hook and what have they learned?


The idiocy of the comment at the end about having not been invaded due to the second amendment and the right to form a militia. True no one has tried to invade you, and that’s the point of the 2nd amendment. But that likely due more to the fact you are protected heavily by your armed forces, NATO and no well established countries get invaded these days. Though you are a HUGE terror target! Ps. I’m fairly sure Canada and your South American bordering countries don’t want you!

And then this… Russian Roulette?


Weve all head my thoughts before, they haven’t changed. It seems nothing has.

Here and here…. Happy hunting errr I mean holidays!

Yes I realise my American readers hate these posts. Sorry I’m not sorry!

The Legal System Needs A Swift Kick.

I really need to stop reading fucking newspapers (or online news) because I seriously walk away in such a rage that even a Xanax AND Valium laced martini won’t have me not seeing red and wanting to lose my shit in an epic way.


We all know (or at least my regular readers and friends do) that I’m a very hardcore advocate for children’s rights. From immunizations, to fetal rights and it goes on. All controversial topics, which we won’t get into here and now because they are a series of vitriolic rants that can be saved for another day. You’re excited right??


Todays offender? HERE….. A mother in the UK has been found NOT guilty of drinking so much during pregnancy that her daughter was born disabled, due to the alcohol consumption. Yes, it was CAUSED by her drinking, no question and she’s disabled her child for life but because a fetus has no rights as a human being and the damage was done when she was a fetus, the mother is not guilty. A bottle of vodka and 8 beers A DAY!!

Though if you did something that equaled the level  damage to a child outside the womb you’d have all types of charges against you and find yourself in jail. Don’t pass go and don’t collect $100. The end.

Though because the fetus is not recognized as a person (yes this is a slippery slope when you being in other topics like abortion) mother is not guilty for the DIRECT and DELIBERATE harm that disabled an innocent who did nothing to deserve this. The mother was counseled and aware of the risks and the consequences of her heavy drinking.

baby drinking stats

All I can say is what the living fuck? Let alone has this woman have no business having children, because alcoholics make great mothers, but not to be held accountable for the grievous bodily harm she’s caused? I’m actually so angry that I can’t form a sentence to express how angry I am. So imagine every swear word possible, say them all and repeat a million times over and you’ve scratched the surface, just.

See in MY world when you are growing a child your body while yours is really no longer yours. Its state and what you do/don’t put into it directly affects the child you are growing and that comes way fucking above what you want. If you want to drink, want to smoke, want to take drugs then fucking go for it because you’re  only harming yourself (well mainly let’s not get into the way families are ripped apart and intoxicated driving). When you’re growing a child they should be your first and only fucking priority. Your body is their incubator and in my mind belongs to them or at the very least you should treat your body in the best interests of your unborn child. If you don’t, then you should be held accountable for the consequences. It’s called being an adult.


From alcohol, to smoking, to drugs to even the food do’s and don’t because of potential risk. I’ve heard women argue the risks are so small for say toxoplasmosis (if you contract during pregnancy through cat poo or undercooked meat) or Listeria (deli meats, soft cheeses, pre-made salads) that is not worth the sacrifice. But to me ANY risk that is voluntary is too much. Damn, you won’t die without those things for 9 months but there is a small chance your baby could die from it or be born with disability and then it’s a total no go area. Period.

See in my eyes voluntary risk, without medical reasons behind it (amniocentesis or say antibiotics or antidepressants) that are a cost v benefit situation, to risk your child’s health out of sheer selfishness makes you a piss poor excuse for a mother. If you fit this category and think I’m being harsh, I don’t even give the resemblance of a fuck. Honestly you can bend over and take it up the ass… I’m smiling while I deliver it FYI.

pregnant drink

Everything you choose to do/don’t do is for them. It’s the same sacrifices you make as a parent. Baby before mother. Same comes to birth choices. You do what’s best for the baby, not what your ideal labour is. It’s valuing your child’s life or safety over your desires. I can’t see why that is too hard for some women.

drink smoke preg

I have first hand experience in this, I got diabetes when pregnant and had to have a total diet overhaul. I was constantly monitoring my food intake, my blood sugars, seeing specialists and was a human pin cushion. Was it fun? Fuck no, it wasn’t REALLY a choice though it was a “choice” it was what I HAD to do to make sure MY child grew well and came out healthy. There were a lot if sacrifices but then comparison to the risk to my baby they were minuscule and while I sometimes lamented “why me”, I never ONCE broke them. It wasn’t THAT hard…. I could eat the cake and risk he baby or not eat to the cake and not risk the baby. No cake tastes better than having a healthy baby. You’re talking with a person who’s never met a carb they wouldn’t marry and I was suddenly on the lowest carb diet possible, swallowed my meds to keep my blood sugar down and visiting an endocrinologist who is as tough as nails (2am blood checks and phone calls if the were out are not my idea of fun), I did it FOR my unborn child. As their mother and protector it’s my job in life to sacrifice everything for them, this would include my life. Maybe I’m an anomaly or maybe im just a good fucking parent. You can decide.

This brings me back to the article and the absolute cunt disgrace of a mother who willfully disabled her child. To be found not guilty boggles my mother brain. My legal brain says giving fetal rights opens a slew of legal issues (abortion would be murder if a fetus had the same right as a born baby) but there has to be some middle ground. Abortions can’t be performed after 12 weeks or 24 weeks without sound medical reason (say a congenital defect incompatible  with life), if a baby dies and is born stillborn after that point they have a birth and death certificate, need a legal name and a funeral, they are recognized as a life. Then why is a child harmed in utero after 24 weeks not recognized in the same way? That any harm done to them is punishable by law. If you were kicked deliberately in the stomach and the baby died as a consequence manslaughter charges would be brought at best, murder at worst (or best depending on how you look at it).

So how is there THIS legal loophole possible or how was this verdict made? Doesn’t it defy logic and legal precedent? Surely you can’t claim ALL the damage was done before 24 weeks? Since she was drinking a bottle of vodka a day a 8 beers, I think it’s safe to assume damage occurred right till the baby was born. Or that the mother wasn’t negligent and the child disabled as a direct consequence. Imagine the detox period that baby went through when it was born, more harm. It’s a recognused life then, so why isn’t that a crime? Because it’s all due to in uterine exposure?

If a doctor did something that harmed a baby the medical malpractice suit would be instant. So someone please explain to me the difference. Had Mum not been aware of the risks, she was, then maybe I might feel a bit more empathy for a mother who knew no better, who through medical supervision should have known better (bet THAT mother would sue her doctor) then why is an informed parent who inflicted deliberate harm free from any kind of consequence? I really just don’t get it. I really don’t.

fetal rights

If the mother was KNOWN to have a substance abuse issue how far should the medical professions duty of care extend? Why shouldn’t mother be forced into rehab, willing or not, to save the baby and hopefully make the woman a fit parent? God if you exist that woman should never see that child again once she’s given birth to it. No way should she have any parental  claim, even if she cleaned herself up and became dry. I don’t care if that seems hardline, but some things are unforgivable. This is very much one of those things.

You could argue that you can’t hold a person against their will, except under certain psychiatric laws where they are a credible threat to themselves or others. Doesn’t this fit that category? They are a credible threat to the baby. Sure the period of hold is longer, it costs money and resources. It could also be argued that the life long cost for caring for a disabled child and then adult is far more than that cost. So cost shouldn’t be an issue. It’s a civil liberty issue but as I established, there is precedence for that if you’re a credible harm to yourself or others. So the crux of the matter is if and when a fetus should have rights? Since they live with the outcome of the choices through their quality of life I think from conception they should have rights. Again, yes I understand this would be a precedent that could be used to lobby anti-abortion, though courts tend to look at a bigger picture. Why does a fetus that can survive outside the womb from as young as 22 weeks have NO rights at all, since by all other situations they are considered “a life” and subject to the same birth/death/naming laws. If a baby can survive without the incubator how can it NOT be considered an individual with the same rights as any other child? It’s a nonsensical paradox.

So this brings me to the end of this horrendous decision that has set a very dangerous and abhorrent legal precedent and my thoughts on the matter. I’m sorry it’s not as succinct or even witty (am I witty?) as normal but honestly the screen is glowing red, my blood pressure is through the roof and I’m surprised I can feel my fingers enough to even type. My nose has bled several times.

I’m interested in my readers thoughts?

pregnant drink

HERE is a link on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders for those interested in why drinking during pregnancy is irresponsible, at any level. No one knows what point the effects of alcohol will damage the baby, because you can’t measure potential on an unborn child. One drink might only have minimal effect, but it still has an effect. But how much we can’t measure and will never know. So why do women take the risk? Every person/fetus threshold is different in life to certain substances, so one drink might only drop the IQ of one baby 1 point while another it might damage them to the point of disability for life. Voluntary risk is NOT acceptable when it comes to your child, their quality of life and health, EVER!

Gender Sterotypes In Children

unicorn shit


I read an article today that made my blood boil. The crux of the article is that buying gender specific toys increases domestic violence (oh and pay gap inequality, how that works I don’t know. Barbie must tell her how much she should be paid anther future boss). Now, easy to write, especially when you have no creditable sources or literature to back it up. But really, what a total load of horse shit. You purchase boys boy toys and they are more likely to abuse their spouses and children and vice versa. This “journalist” deserves to be hung and quartered, because not only is it absolute rubbish, it also diminishes the nature of domestic violence and gives the offenders an out. “Oh I beat my wife cause all I could play with as a boy were boys toys and they are rough” Fact BOTH boys and girls can play/fight rough, the number of fights and physical play where I’ve had to step in, I can’t even count…. Ok that’s so fucking off the radar stupid my brain bust into flames and I got an instant nose bleed. Shame on the journalist and bigger shame on the politician who came up with this. I expect it’s all about political exposure and let me tell you Larissa Waters (Green Party) you ether don’t have kids or are a misinformed fame seeking idiot.

As a mother of 4 kids, I’d like to think I now enough about parenting to be able to comment on this without bias. As a professional in this area, I KNOW I cans write about this with authority.

Children will be children. I have 3 boys and 1 girl and you know what I’ve noticed? Boys are naturally DRAWN to boys toys and girls girly toys. Master 6 has ZERO interest in glittery ponies (Id have no issue if he did) and Miss 4 has ZERO interest in most super heroes. Sorry to burst your ignorant bubble. I can say this because they have exposure to both and Iv’e seen what they choose to play with out of a stack of toys out of free will, as mixed gender siblings and I had/have nothing to do with their toy or like preferences. ZERO! You might say “oh it’s conditioning” but honestly, no time for that here. I don’t have hours to show pink, glittery shit at my daughter and make her interested, even if I don’t want to and I sure as shit don’t take the tonic truck off her if she wants to play with it.  I wouldn’t have a problem if they did because I’m happy for them to play with whatever toy they are interested in or take interest in whatever takes their fancy. Which they do. They do play with the their genders toys on occasion, but generally stick to what is gender specific. Real life, not postulation.

The Frozen toy set was the most fought over children toy we have EVER had by BOTH genders. Boys and girls, but hey that’s a girls toy, right? Though if I handed Miss 4 a Spiderman toy, it would be bedazzled with glitter and all things pink as fast as I could blink. Just like if I handed Master 3 a Barbie, she would be decapitated within 30 minutes. It’s that simple. They have the choice to play with whatever they wish and naturally they are drawn to gender specific toys. That’s not to say the boys don’t enjoy the pretend kitchen or Miss 4 the workbench, but overall they play with what they prefer, which just happen to be gender specific.

To go out and purposely purchase toys that are for the other gender for them, well that would lead to an epic meltdown, because it’s not what they WANT. I’m all for giving children toys they ask for, gender specific or not. Master 6 had a Dora The Explorer birthday cake when he was three but it was HIS choice and that’s the point. We shouldn’t be forcing our ideals or anti gennder propaganda preferences on our kids. The great thing about child development and developing autonomy is THEM deciding their interests. So master 6 wants to take dance lessons, so I signed him up. Miss 4 wanted to take Aus Kick lessons (non contact football) so I signed her up. Not because I’m going against gender serotypes but because I’m  all for letting MY kids develop THEIR interests and discovering new things and who they are and what they do and don’t like. Hell if Mater 6 wants to try on a princess dress who am I to stop him? What long-term damage can it do? It’s not going to change his sexual orientation (thats genetic and who gives a crap what it is as long as he is HAPPY?) Presently Master 3 is collecting sequins, cause they are mini UFO’s. Go for it, just don’t eat them please.

To suggest that just giving gender specific toys leads too increases in domestic violence as they become adults, what the living fuck? Show me the evidence to back that up. I’d think an unhappy child, one who was made to play with toys that they have no interest in would build resentment and lasting issues. Isn’t that in itself a form of abuse? Depriving your child of their interests due to idiotic theories? That causes issues later in life. But she fails to see the polar opposite in what she is saying. Force a child to do/play with anything they don’t like and you are going to have avoidance and aggressive behaviour, because they are frustrated, bored and frankly pissed off at YOU telling them what they should shouldn’t play with. Are we going to go as far as saying boys and girls should form friendships with the other gender, based on gender and not intrestes. That they should have x number of close different gender friends?

The only rule we have here is no guns (except water pistols) of any type. The simple fact is when your kids range from 6.5 to 1.5, there are just too many targets and injuries that can occur and we all know my stance on guns. But that is a personal decision. I recently relented and let MrBmB buy them water balloon guns. They will be closely supervised and really I don’t think shooting them is much worse than throwing them at your sibling. Throwing them never did me any harm. Though the word NERF is banned here since Master 3 at the time shot Miss 18 months in the forehead with one. Not on. I gave it a chance and to didn’t work. Just like violent video games. No grand Theft Auto for my kids here, because I don’t believe in glamorising and normalizing violence. Maybe that’s a better platform for Ms Waters to make a stand on?

My final words on this is kids will play with what they are interested in, let them, gender specific or not. Don’t limit their exposure but encourage them to explore their interests. That’s the best thing we can do for them. This whole “gender revolution” is bullshit. We are all equal in our own ways, both genders. Men are better at some things like physical activities, due to muscle composition and the way they are physically and biology combined. Though you ever seen a man try to survive a simulated labor, now that is hilarious. Men have better spacial awareness on limited planes, whereas women can see inside a whole fridge to find an item, not just one shelve at a time (true fact)….

So this politician gets the title of Epic Class A Cunt for not only being so stupid it defies logic but also laying blame on domestic violence nowhere near where it belongs. If it was up to me, she should be banished from representing the people, cause frankly she’s piss poor at it. Classic case of feminism gone so far that it’s insulting and counter productive. Kids are kids, encourage them in whatever their pursuits and that’s what makes for happy well-balanced individuals. Not forcing non gender related toys on them…..

Though I better not buy Miss 4 a Barbie ever again cause her future employer will base her pay on that rather than her skills and actual talent.

Oh here is her personal page and platform. I encourage you to write to her and tell her she’s an idiot!


OCD Problems

Ok, so don’t clinically have a proper OCD diagnosis, that’s because I cheated on the test. One of the perks of knowing these tests and having an eidetic memory is I can score tests in my head as I go and I can identify malingering questions. You know the one’s that are used to try to catch you lying. I decided  sub threshold  was good enough for me. What can I say? I hate labels, they are so limiting and confining. I don’t like being boxed, cause I’m claustrophobic and hell I don’t think I fit any real mould. It broke after me. Thankfully, I hear you say.

But I do have what I would call certain idiosyncrasies that I live by. Firstly I must read the last chapter of a book first. I hate surprises and investing time, energy and emotion in something that’s just going to soccer punch me at the end. If I know what’s coming I can invest the right amount. Like TV shows, I don’t like to start watching them until production is finished and I know how it ends. A great example of the is Breaking Bad. I’ve watched all bar the last 3 episodes and have no plans on ever watching them, though I love the series. For the love of God why? I hear you screaming. Well I know HOW it ends but actually knowing and watching it are two different things. I like where I’m at, I have closure cause I know the ending but I avoid the soccer punch (sorry if that’s a spoiler of sorts). Also why I refuse to watch the last season of HIMYM. Noooo thanks!

I saw both The a Hunger Games and Divergent in the cinema before I read the first books. I then bought the books, skipped the first one, and read the last chapters of the third books and then started on the second books. Turns out this was a good move. I then had to read books 1-3 in order for complete closure. Weird yes, but it works for me.

I watched Catching Fire, had to come home and read MJ. Then 1-3 again.  Same things with the movies. See the latest, watch it and then need to read all the movies and those still in book form  again. Yeah it’s crazy. I know and yes it’s OCD no doubt.

Tonight I saw a The Mockingjay Pt1 (I agree this needed to be made into 2 movies, the last book is jam-packed) and segmented up you got a better understanding from the first half of the book than if they had thrown it all at you at once. And I’m sure there is the fact they make a killing out of the second instalment.

Harry Potter is a good example of this, one final movie would have been fine. Maybe Twilight too? I l’ve tried to block that trauma out. I saw the first movie, then HAD to read the books (bloody terrible… I hare it on par with The Notebook and for those of you who know me know I LOATHE it and anything Nicholas Spark or it Sparks? No matter, I don’t care enough to find out) and of course had to see the rest of the movies .Big point here is at NO point did I feel compelled to reread any of the teenage angst love drama again or rewatched it.. Ever. I’m hoping all erased from my memory forever. I must add here the next person who tells me I look like Kristen Stewart will DIE. For real. Dear god I don’t and while yes we both have resting bitch face syndrome, she’s fucking ugly and super untalented at anything but home wrecking.

But I digress, as usual. Now I’ve seen MJ part 1 I HAVE to immediately reread the end of the book for closure. Yes I’ve read it at least three times before and I know the ending  but the can of needing closure was reopened again. This also means I’ll then need to go back and reread all 3 books again when I’m done. Yes it’s exhausting and the same will happen went the next Divergent book comes out. (Though this might fall into twilight teritory cause Theo James IS the reason for watching the movies…. The storyline is meh and predictable)

It also means when the movie is released on wherever you buy movies from, I’ll watch it again and then have to repeat the new movie and then the first, second and third again…. The process will be the same after part 2…. Though the books I’ll read in order, the movies 4, 1, 2, 3 and then 4 again. Because I’ll need CLOSURE. It might seem strange since the last movie is closure but it’s only half closure, the other half was in MJ1.

So yeah that’s today’s issue. I get it’s a first world me issue but it’s exhausting. It’s midnight and I have half a book to read before I can go to sleep. I won’t be able to sleep without closure. I’m going to be one tired Mummy tomorrow but at least I’ll have closure and won’t be all types of itchy.

So I bid you goodnight and hope you get more sleep than I do!

Oh and obviously spelling, grammar and proofreading are not on my conouksions list, sorry folks!

When The Demon's Visit


Ok, hold up before you think I’ve lost my marbles or I’ve finally got what’s coming to me, I’m actually not really being visited by demon’s. This may be in fact because I’M actually a demon or even they are too scared to piss me off. Really, either option could be true. Take your pick dear reader.

I’m actually talking about sleep paralysis. Yep it’s actualky just as much fun as it sounds. The conspiracy theorists will have you believe it really is demonic possession but in that case it could be said demon’s are with me 24/7, so we’d be classed as friends.

Here is a nice little link that explains it and then the more colourful wiki link that’s just so darn entertaining I couldn’t leave it out.


So I’ve suffered from it my entire life, as long as I can remember. So typically 4-5 times a week and 6 or so bouts at a time. No wonder I’m so blasted tried all the time. I get both types but mainly the waking type. I have to admit the going to sleep type was a whole lot more entertaining. Hallucinations, colourful swirls, shaking room, voices (though I hear voices normally,  some people may suggest it’s my conscience, I just call it a massive pain in the ass that needs to learn to shut the hell up cause I’m rarely listening)

I no longer freak out cause basically I’m conscious while my body chemistry try’s to catch up out of REM and I possess a very analytical mind that I’ve trained to recognise this. So I just go with the flow, so to speak. My options are fight it by trying to move a finger or a toe and then as soon as I’m “awake” I slide right back into it or just say fuck it and allow my brain to have some fun with it. Option number 1 isn’t really an option now cause my brain has a work around, I dream I’m moving the finger or toe and frankly if it does work I just slide right back into it as soon as I can move . It’s frustrating and annoying.

This diagram explains the sleep cycle:


So I let the  demon’s  take over. Hell they might have some wisdom to impart or I can mess with them. Yes I taunt my conscious brain while I’m asleep. The fucker should know better. Plus half the time I’m in control. Ever wanted to say punch your husband in the face but bit actually do it, but get to live it out? My  demon’s  can do that for me and it seems as real as can be, but it’s not . See they really ARE my friends. It’s actually oddly satisfying!

I do get visits from dead relatives in my sleep, those are real (Mr BMB has seen me sitting up having a good old natter with my Nan on several occasions.) He was weirded out to start with but just lets us get along with it now. These visits area real and she’s just  passing need to know information to me (hell she told me I was pregnant with a boy before I knew I was even pregnant. Correct on both counts) or just catching up. I have no doubt they are real. I had a death experience when I as 7, I clinically died so ive had a glimpse at the afterlife. The bright light stuff? Bullshit. But again that’s another post.

The horrible thing about SP, other than just getting it which only irks me not scares me, is it’s got a genetic component and Master 6 has just started having it. Fortunately like me he is analytical too and will master it in years to come but the bitch thing is he’s too young to do that yet. It took me 27 (yeah I’m going with I’m 27) years to pretty much master it. So now he sleeps with every light on. That’s 6 in total in his room. It’s expensive electricity wise and his carbon footprint is huge but that comes second to a hysterical child!

So there you have it reader, I bet you learned something today and if not you are likely a sufferer too. You also learned my brain is even more evil than you thought. Didn’t think it was possible did you?

I should add in here I have only one other sleep disorder, insomnia and not narcolepsy which it has a high correlation with.

So I just want to say a giant thanks for nothing Mum who passed this on to me. Oh yeah and I tell Master 6 it’s your fault too.