Dear Mr Trump.

I have a few questions for the Antichrist! He’s listed as the 6th largest threat facing the world today.


Let’s ask some questions here. Lets start with the “build a wall” and go from there…

1. Who is building the wall and is it right all along the border? What is it made of? Who (as in a construction company) will be appointed to erect it? Will you have personal ties with them? Do you guarantee that there will be no backdoor deals?

2. How long will this take?

3. How much is this going to cost and where is the money from? Taxpayers, so in which areas are you cutting funding to support the cost of building this wall?

4. If we look back on history when has building a wall ever been successful? With the exception the the Great Wall Of China, which is one of the great wonders of the ancient world built in 206BC and actually wasn’t a complete wall, it was added to over time. It’s value isn’t in its performance but more to do with the enormity of it and how long it’s been around.

5. Exactly how does this wall stop terrorism? Or is it just stopping illegal immigration?

6. Why do you think you have a sound fiscal policy and proven background? How many times have you been bankrupt? (Twice) Also you claim to be self made but admit you were given a “small loan” from your father of 1 MILLION dollars to start up your companies. Keep in mind how long ago this was and what it would be the equivalent to in today’s terms. (Far more, I can’t be bothered looking back at indexed prices to work out the equivalent.) Then comes in your inheritance, I assume this was used to back the failed ventures that caused you to file for bankruptcy? How much money have YOU actually made? Or was it all inherited wealth that you’ve managed to squander?

7. For fun, Mr Trump can you now explains what the nuclear triad is? How it works? It’s purpose and which one of the triad will you be focusing on?

*hint to question 7 “the nuclear is important” and a 7 minute waffle about somethings unrelated and being totally incoherent is not a correct answer and it was noted you poorly attempted to deflect from the question. Can you answer it now?

8. Putin supports you publicly. How? Why? What is your relationship with him? Shouldn’t we be afraid of anyone Putin supports, his track record isn’t great? It’s ok though you’ve managed to piss him off too (and China), so good job at pissing off two countries you really don’t want offside. Ok I’ll be fair here so far you’ve only pissed off the Kremlin and not Putin (yet) but it’s imminent.

9. If you are so aggressive in debates and bigoted in your views how will you meet with other foreign presidents/prime ministers, heads of state and the people you represent know you will act appropriately? You say you have no filter. Don’t you think international diplomacy is needed in a President?

10. Can you actually give a speech or address where you stick strictly to your policies (which change a lot) and not just call other people names and act like a toddler? Can we have detailed lists of your policies and plans with rationale and costings?

11. When asked a question can you give a straight answer that actually answers the question? Do you hear the question and not understand them or do you just see it as a platform to rant on about something unrelated?


12. You use fear and ignorant hate, the two lowest common denominators, to win over voters. If this is your strategy how can people be sure you won’t react disproportionally to any perceived threat if you do become President? Or do you just act first and think later? Remembering the President has access to nuclear weapons and can give the nod to use them at any point.  (See point 7 and think the possibility of evoking “Presidential privilege”)

13. You throw out lots of strategies you think need to be implemented, they are based around perceived threat (which you have successfully managed to elevate through scaremoungering). Please tell us EXACTLY how you will practically implement these things, the timeframes, the costs, where you will get the money from and exactly how they will work. Also a real time analysed report on these so called “threats” so we can see the facts v your take?

14. Have you ever stepped out of Trump Towers (if they are still called that as I believe they are insolvent) and been an average person, of average wealth, without a privileged upbringing? No. So exactly how can you say you understand the plight of the average American? Have you ever been a “the average American”?

15. You used to be a staunch Democrat, in fact you were very good friends with Hillary Clinton. When did you switch teams? When you decided to run for office?

16. Do you have ANY political experience at all? No? So you think that starting off as President is reasonable?

17. You are aware the terms refugee and terrorist are not synonyms right? No you’re not.

18. Why do you think all are Mexicans are all resource sucking, have drug cartel affiliations, are weapon smuggling illegal immigrants who will murder your family in their sleep if you aren’t on high alert?

19. Do you realise the rest of the world are watching you and laughing? Yes we are afraid of you, the damage you could do if you by some ungodly act you did become President. Every trade partner or allied countries are watching you sideways and you’re not making any friends. (Putin and Kim Jong Un don’t count….) China isn’t a country you really want offside and you’ve managed to piss them off even before coming President and Russia is about to follow.

20. Have you ever been ruled clinically insane? If not would you be willing to undergo a test to prove you are sane? Along these lines, do you have ANY mental health issues that may impact on your ability to be a good president (lets start with narcissism and go from there)

Do I need to keep going?


Full Artical is here.