Wakefield And Immunization Propoganda

Immunizations are a controversial issue, they shouldn’t be. But due to a Class A Epic Cunt Dr Wakefield (former Dr it should be noticed as his medical licence was revoked) and a proven falsified study (paid off for result) this has been a hot topic for debate.

I will state I’m categorically FOR scheduled immunization. I trust my doctor, immunological specialists  and scientific evidence that supports there is ZERO link between ANY immunisation and Autism. I work with autistic children and immunosuppressed  kids who can’t be immunized for real MEDICAL reason.

Conscientious objectors in my mind are misinformed, mindless sheep who use Dr Google and deserve to be shot in the spot. Well maybe not literally but verbally. I have ZERO time and patience for your dribble. Those who suggest herd immunity is a myth and argue “why bother the disease rates have decreased” (directly linked to immunization rates) and now the reemergence of these preventable diseases and death/lasting harm due to catching these diseases with not being immunized is catching up with us.

Yes immunizations don’t always prevent the disease but they do the severity of the disease and complication rates. I even heard a fucking idiot argue immunity is not a real thing. My mind near fucking exploded and if I could stab someone through the Internet I would have, repeatedly.

See the anti immunization trend is just that trendy and ignorant. The advocates have NO idea of real science, peer-reviewed studies and say it’s big pharmaceutical companies just trying to make money off us. Forget that immunization is free and big pharma make more money curing diseases than preventing them…. That’s too much for them to comprehend. Let alone ethical medical conduct and the multiple trials and years of development, research and testing that goes into these things. Cause that’s all bullshit right?

This is a RED HOT topic of mine that will put me on epic tilt the second I get a sniff of it and it turns me into a raging bitch. Look you could even cause me a cunt, cause I sure as shit act like one if you sprout anti immunization propaganda at me. If you can walk away (literally) not torn to shreds or obliterated into a shell of a person, then I’ve had a really bad day or you’re too dumb to actually comprehend my vitriol on the topic.

Today it was set off by this article, reminding me of the waste of lives, time, resources and money Wakefield is responsible for.

Heres one of my favorite versions of how immunizations and herd immunity works.

My thoughts?

FUCK YOU Wakefield!! You should be held PERSONALLY accountable for EVERY child who has died/damaged due to preventable diseases. Jail time and financially. Yet you’ve started up again. They took your medical license for a reason.

May you rot in a special spot in hell you bastard!

Yeah that’s the tame version.

I could list a million different reasons as to why immunizations are important, why they work and how the ignorance of the non vax move has affected our world. But let’s face it ignorant people don’t want to be educated, don’t listen and have NO regard for their children or community.

Yes I realise the irony of me saying don’t rely on non medical resources, such as blogs and propaganda pages and then posting saying “listen to me”… To that I say I’m providing you with the peer-reviewed latest research, the last one that blew the entire theory out of the water.

I do agree yes children can have bad reactions to immunizations, like any medication. It’s all listed on the leaflets on the packets (ever read an antibiotic pamphlet? Bet you don’t think twice when your kid is screaming with an ear infection). Not to mention these “side effects” are ANY self report by parents. Enough people claim the MMR shit turned their boy into a girl and legally they are required to add it to the list. Litigation is to blame. It doesn’t make it truth. It makes it so big pharma can’t have the crap sued out of them.

Here is a visual representation of what non vaxing is doing in relation to the spread of preventable diseases.

imageSince 2008?

This shows you the increase in real terms. Yeah pretty fucking scary. That’s only a few years. Imagine a few more images of what the years to come will contain, unless some common sense comes into play and vaccinations are made mandatory. That’s right I said mandatory. Fuck individual choice, this is a public health issue the affects us all. Individual choice can kiss my ass.

There is a recent  scientific study that SHOULD have out the nail in the coffin. This was not funded by anyone but an independent researcher with NOTHING to gain from research. No funding, no under the table deals and confirms EVERY peer reviews study proves Wakfield was paid off to falsify data. Hell his research team dobbed him in and recanted. Good for them!

Here is a great example. Though the exact study I mentioned above I’m still trying to obtain copyright to put here. When I get it, I will put it up.

It seems it’s only accessible through Science Direct and if you’re not a student or prescribed then you have to pay. I can’t break copyright laws but here are the major points!

Here is also a great link to other valuable scientific peer-reviewed data.

Some myths dispelled.

Thimerosal is NOT used in immunizations as an adjunct anymore.

Mercury is NOT used in immunizations. and even/if  it was you get more daily exposure in day-to-day life.

You ingest more formaldehyde in a pear than is in immunizations. You let you kid!s eat pears?

I could go on and on. But research papers with a journal database of peer-reviewed studies or failing that educate yourself using Google Scholar for the love of God.

I will draw to a close here before I really lose my cool. This is a black and white area for me.

My final words are immunizations don’t cause autism, if the cause side effects it’s been proven there are 100% of the time an underlying genetic issue, so getting the disease will set it off too. It’s time we woke the fuck up and stopped believing the disproven shit that Wakefield published. Stopped listening to playboy bunnies who claim they cured Autism (Jenny McCarthy) whose child actually has Landau-Kleffner Syndrome but won’t admit it publicly cause if the slew of lawsuits she would face. Though conveniently has changed her anti immunization stance over the past year.

I really recommend the documentary, again independent. Fear, love, jabbed and vaccinations for a full historic background on immunizations.

Immunize you’re bloody children (and get adult boosters) and stop listening to those who “know someone who knows someone it happened to”, it’s bullshit and without a complete medical and genetic profile means dick. Even patents with “immunized harmed children” speak out to the value of immunizations and state that their child was found to have an underlying medical condition or genetic issue they were unaware of that DIRECTlY caused the reaction.