It Has To Be Darwnism…


Want an instant nosebleed? All I can think is it has to be Darwinism at work… Or perhaps it’s more of a natural cult ingrained mentality. All I know is I will NEVER understand how you can call yourself “The Land Of The Free” when you have this constant fear hanging over your head.

I won’t go on and on about it…. Been there done that but to say “I’ll just never get it” is a gross understatement.

One year on from Sandy Hook and what have they learned?

The idiocy of the comment at the end about having not been invaded due to the second amendment and the right to form a militia. True no one has tried to invade you, and that’s the point of the 2nd amendment. But that likely due more to the fact you are protected heavily by your armed forces, NATO and no well established countries get invaded these days. Though you are a HUGE terror target! Ps. I’m fairly sure Canada and your South American bordering countries don’t want you!

And then this… Russian Roulette?

Weve all head my thoughts before, they haven’t changed. It seems nothing has.

Here and here…. Happy hunting errr I mean holidays!

Yes I realise my American readers hate these posts. Sorry I’m not sorry!