OCD Problems

Ok, so don’t clinically have a proper OCD diagnosis, that’s because I cheated on the test. One of the perks of knowing these tests and having an eidetic memory is I can score tests in my head as I go and I can identify malingering questions. You know the one’s that are used to try to catch you lying. I decided  sub threshold  was good enough for me. What can I say? I hate labels, they are so limiting and confining. I don’t like being boxed, cause I’m claustrophobic and hell I don’t think I fit any real mould. It broke after me. Thankfully, I hear you say.

But I do have what I would call certain idiosyncrasies that I live by. Firstly I must read the last chapter of a book first. I hate surprises and investing time, energy and emotion in something that’s just going to soccer punch me at the end. If I know what’s coming I can invest the right amount. Like TV shows, I don’t like to start watching them until production is finished and I know how it ends. A great example of the is Breaking Bad. I’ve watched all bar the last 3 episodes and have no plans on ever watching them, though I love the series. For the love of God why? I hear you screaming. Well I know HOW it ends but actually knowing and watching it are two different things. I like where I’m at, I have closure cause I know the ending but I avoid the soccer punch (sorry if that’s a spoiler of sorts). Also why I refuse to watch the last season of HIMYM. Noooo thanks!

I saw both The a Hunger Games and Divergent in the cinema before I read the first books. I then bought the books, skipped the first one, and read the last chapters of the third books and then started on the second books. Turns out this was a good move. I then had to read books 1-3 in order for complete closure. Weird yes, but it works for me.

I watched Catching Fire, had to come home and read MJ. Then 1-3 again.  Same things with the movies. See the latest, watch it and then need to read all the movies and those still in book form  again. Yeah it’s crazy. I know and yes it’s OCD no doubt.

Tonight I saw a The Mockingjay Pt1 (I agree this needed to be made into 2 movies, the last book is jam-packed) and segmented up you got a better understanding from the first half of the book than if they had thrown it all at you at once. And I’m sure there is the fact they make a killing out of the second instalment.

Harry Potter is a good example of this, one final movie would have been fine. Maybe Twilight too? I l’ve tried to block that trauma out. I saw the first movie, then HAD to read the books (bloody terrible… I hare it on par with The Notebook and for those of you who know me know I LOATHE it and anything Nicholas Spark or it Sparks? No matter, I don’t care enough to find out) and of course had to see the rest of the movies .Big point here is at NO point did I feel compelled to reread any of the teenage angst love drama again or rewatched it.. Ever. I’m hoping all erased from my memory forever. I must add here the next person who tells me I look like Kristen Stewart will DIE. For real. Dear god I don’t and while yes we both have resting bitch face syndrome, she’s fucking ugly and super untalented at anything but home wrecking.

But I digress, as usual. Now I’ve seen MJ part 1 I HAVE to immediately reread the end of the book for closure. Yes I’ve read it at least three times before and I know the ending  but the can of needing closure was reopened again. This also means I’ll then need to go back and reread all 3 books again when I’m done. Yes it’s exhausting and the same will happen went the next Divergent book comes out. (Though this might fall into twilight teritory cause Theo James IS the reason for watching the movies…. The storyline is meh and predictable)

It also means when the movie is released on wherever you buy movies from, I’ll watch it again and then have to repeat the new movie and then the first, second and third again…. The process will be the same after part 2…. Though the books I’ll read in order, the movies 4, 1, 2, 3 and then 4 again. Because I’ll need CLOSURE. It might seem strange since the last movie is closure but it’s only half closure, the other half was in MJ1.

So yeah that’s today’s issue. I get it’s a first world me issue but it’s exhausting. It’s midnight and I have half a book to read before I can go to sleep. I won’t be able to sleep without closure. I’m going to be one tired Mummy tomorrow but at least I’ll have closure and won’t be all types of itchy.

So I bid you goodnight and hope you get more sleep than I do!

Oh and obviously spelling, grammar and proofreading are not on my conouksions list, sorry folks!