Question And Answer Time.

Ok so here some  responses to my post yesterday. Let’s break it down… Just for kicks. Your replies and my answers.

It’s really all a mute point, the law isn’t going to ” jump-start ” a new generation of pot users, it’s simply going to allow us to cash in on what’s already happening.

I assume you mean moot? Though that’s an arguable point, in its strictest meaning. Hence the term “moot court”. Though it has been bastardized to the point of meaning nothing to argue. It however is never a mute point. Mute means silent.

Also a new generation of pot users? Sure it is, it’s legal now. So people are going to try it. Every generation that’s exposed to it is a potential new generation of users. My nose is bleeding.

Ahh cash in. Money talks and bullshit walks. I see. Let’s not forget the costs it will have later down the track. Medical, social, educational, mental health, police enforcement. Money in the coffers now is important right? It’s not like Americans are afraid of debt is it? Can I see the cost analysis please? Did anyone ask to see that before they voted?

Which makes me wonder since voting isn’t compulsory did ONLY users vote to get this law passed?

Do you guys remember having your parents check your Halloween candy before allowing you to eat it, I thought so , well proof positive that candy laced with drugs is defiantly NOT a new concept. This only gives the anti pot users something else to complain about.

Umm no. But we didn’t live in a drug addled community and taking candy from strangers was discouraged. Things were only ever given out in sealed individual bite size packs. It speaks volumes when this actually did have to happen. Magic Mushroom tarts anyone? But since it’s not a new concept don’t be alarmed!

The ” published” literature I’ve read documents finding THC residue in ancient artifacts dating as far back as the age of the pyramids.

Please provide APA style reference. Author, year, which journal it was published in , page and doi. Thanks. I assume this is peer-reviewed but the “literature” part makes me question it.

What do we all think they were smoking in the PEACE pipes around the camp fire back when cowboys and Indians were a thing, they didn’t call it …mind altering, psychosis, pass the gateway pipe. LMAO.

They also had opium dens, took peyote and licked poisonous toads for the psychedelic properties. I’m not sure what they called it, but I’d call it stupid. So would the rest of civilized society, that’s why they outlawed it. They also had vomitorium’s and men could talks small boy lovers before they married. They also didn’t call cancer cancer or have the scientific knowledge we have to know on how bad this shit is for you. Ignorance is bliss. Or just plain ignorant at times. Pass me the opium pipe like the Native Americans did it. They also traded Alaska for beads.

Just another subject to get people debating shit on FB. I say everyone needs to chill and hug your children ( or pets) tight because there’s a hell of a lot more dangerous stuff out in the world that they will encounter then a little herb. 

Firstly holy hippy shit batman, the 1960’s called and wants it pot head lingo back. Herb? It’s a plant in its normal state, herb debatable when dried but he’ll that sound innocuous like thyme so let’s go with that.

Can I hug a tree too instead?

Secondly yes there are bigger problems. Failing health care, failing mental heath care, failing social care, mass shooting, increased suicide, poverty, children living in squalor (oh thoughts due to drug use mainly oops), Too low minimum wage ect. But you’re right adding to those isn’t of any consequence when you look at things like terrorism. Let’s remove them from the agenda completely. Consider them gone….. Well till they bite you in the ass later.

Oh and of course the passed the law so we could debate on FB. It’s not like it’s real or anything…. Hang on it is. So are the consequences.

 I’ve never in my almost 20 years of smoking, encountered one single person who laced their weed with another drug. Then again, I’ve never associated with real drug users.

20 years? I’m pretty sure that leaves you open to gaping holes in memory and using pot for 20 years doesn’t make you an associate of real drug users, it makes YOU one. The people around you are your associates.
I had started smoking recreationally, but later got a medical license when I had kids because that was when I needed the protection of the law.

So you smoke recreationally, not for medical reasons but use the medical excuse as a way to get around the law and keep your kids? Speechless. Stellar patenting and abuse of the legal system. 5 gold stars. CPS anyone?

They will still prosecute people growing in excess, but it would be like the medical program where they rely on tips from the public for illegal grows, as opposed to actively searching them out. They never come do random checks on the medical growers for compliance. They only audit the dispensaries.

Oh no they will be hot on the heels of illegal growers cause if one thing is certain it’s the IRS doesn’t like missing out on money it’s owed. Plus the illegal trade will go up because they are going to tax the crap out of the legal stuff. Who’s going to pay 3x the cost for legal stuff when they can get illegal for 1/3 of the price? It’s not like it has a “grown in x plantation” sticker on it. So police will have no idea what’s legal and what’s not, unless they start testing the actual types of marijuana for origin. More cost.

Everyone also knows to keep their edibles away from kids, same as you would medication and alcohol.(and pets) edibles aren’t a new thing, they are already in a lot of people’s house.

We must mix in totally different circles. Mine being not drug related.

I think a large portion of people already smoke weed, but would you consider smoking now that it’s legal? Would many of your friends? That’s the answer.

No that’s a question. There is no answer there. The answer is YES! Though since laws are supposed to act as deterrents and it’s addictive, I’m willing to bet some people who never tried it before or did it irregularly due to fear of being caught stopped them will try it or start again.

I’m not saying pothead’s are perfect or anything, but every issue discussed here is barely applicable as people have already been smoking weed, it’s not going to create this whole mess of new people smoking, you either liked it when you tried it and kept doing it, or you didn’t.

I’m actually not sure what you’re saying that’s different fromabove. See previous comment. I think it will create a whoke new mess of users and then heavier drug users. Though perhaps prescription rates of painkillers and benzodiazepine’s will go down. They need to but not through unregulated self medicating.

By decriminalizing it, we reap the benefits of tax income and stop prosecuting people caught with a small amount, which btw the court system seems to prosecute more minority’s even though rates of use across all races are about the same.

Money, money, money. Of course you’re a capitalist society. Fuck socialism and social reform right?

Assuming it’s all bought legally and the tax covers all the ancillary costs. Like future medical conditions, mental health conditions ect. Now you’ll be prosecuting intoxicated drivers, intoxicated persons in public, people carrying too much, people growing illegally. I haven’t exhausted the list I’m sure.

And the race card? Oh you didn’t even go there. That’s the same across all crimes not just drug crimes. Though I’m sure you mean they prosecute at the same levels but sentencing is different. That’s a judicial issue. But we aren’t looking at those, as state above, as they aren’t big enough to look at, we have bigger issues.

Oh and a big FYI there are synthetic forms of THC used for medical purposes, that take 30 minutes to kick in rather than the 5 with smoking. So really this law has nothing to do with medical marijuana (the synthetic stuff is way more effective than smoking and cleaner) it’s all about recreational use.

Like it or not pot IS a gateway drug. Ask any hardcore user’s where they started and they will say with marijuana. So from that expect a rise in the use of other illegal mind altering illicit substance’s. More police to chase it down, enforce it, control gang wars, more highly populated prisons, more violent crimes and the list goes on and on. Yep, need to see that cost analysis cause I have a feeling whomever put this bill together, passed it and voted for it was high during all stages.

Anyone wanna add anything else? Please feel free to coment and I’ll reply with my usual level of disdain for stupid.