It’s become more mainstream here in recent years and it seems to go you take your kids out or if you’re like us with small kids and a new kitten you leave a stash at the end of the drive. Of course the fault in this is you’re relying on the honor system. Yeah see that should have been my first indicator that this year’s leave and go out system was going to be an epic fail. Because kids, supervised or not have no honor. 5kg of candy gone in UNDER 10 minutes. What the living fuck? Is someone supervising these children and perhaps pointing out emptying a whole 5kg stash might be tempting, it’s a cunt move to take it all?Even more so if parents aren’t involved!


My kids were pacified due to the fact I left  some aside for them and just the joy of watching other kids trick or treat and some little fucktards have taken that away from them and been massive greedy assholes in the process.

Yes I have extras and yes I restocked but having to supply 10kg of candy for what’s essentially an adult community with a few kids spattered through it speaks volumes of both the children involved and their parents. Me? I’d drag my kids back by the fucking ears, make them return  it back and apologise for being little cunts. Knock on the door and in person. Because that’s the kind of parent I am and how I expect my children to behave. Here? Not so much so. If your kid turns up with 1kg of starburst and 4kg of goolish candy that you know have come from the same place, the wrath would be epic. I’d make them return every damn piece of candy as punishment and apologise to the givers, IN PERSON! Cause being a greedy cunt of a kid is not setting your child up for much of a future!

Best I could do is ring the security in the complex and have the guards out on protection police patrol frisk the kids and if found guilty return candy and send them home, banning them from participating. Yep I sure as shit went that route. Entitled adults one thing, let your kids be entitled and I’m coming after all your asses.

This might seem harsh, unreasonable even but be fucked if I’m tolerating this experience for both my kids and the others who are being responsible. I actually offered a lot of kids who found the candy bowl empty bowl that I’d get them some and they were very polite and declined and said “we have enough, save it for the kids that have missed out but thank you anyways” So it seems we are not the first house to have this issue.

Kudos to the non greedy kids and I hope the ones that stole all the sugar end up on a massive sugar high, crash and the parents have to deal with it for failing to monitor their kids accordingly. I hope they are up all night with gastro upsets from over indulgence. I hope the parents are ashamed and that they get caught by security and are made to surrender their “loot”. Kids in here range from 3 to teenagers and you just know the teenagers are at fault because lets face it teenagers are cunts.


I never set the bar high with expectations but this even falls under my bar of expected behavior. Says a lot.

For everyone else out there Happy Halloween and please don’t let you’re kids be entitled greedy cunts! Fun is supposed to be for everyone, not just the greedy. I hope I wake tomorrow with a 10kg, minus the good kids, stash of candy, some apologies and them being banned from participating next year. Yeah I hope too much but hell if I find these kids I will give these kids a verbal tongue lashing as well as the parents. Unacceptable.

Begs the question WHERE are the parents (I wouldnt let mine go out unsupervised at night) and WTF values are they teaching them?

MrsBmB to the rescue. Assholes.

** in the time it took me to write this the rest of the candy gone (another 5kg and my pumpkin jackolanterns x6 though I though I guess I should be gratful they left me the bowl I guess?)

Upgraded to Epic Class A Cunts!