So We Made Up…. If It Ain't Broke Don't Try And Fix It!

And just like that, my wave goodbye turns back into a wave hello, again. You all remember that after 8 long years recently I walked away from Apple and got myself a Surface Pro 3 over a Mac Air. Well I am officially saying while it was a nice try, it turned into a fuctastical experience. Three days in and the damn Windows SP3 won’t turn on. Yes that’s right THREE bloody measly days and the damn thing is BROKEN. The hard reset won’t fix it and I’m over it.

I was all excited because it seemed to be everything I needed, but what I need most is for the fucker to work and it’s failed that test in under a fucking week. Actually that’s a fairly low expectation not to meet. I was just getting the hang of Windows again, which wasn’t too bad but a little annoying and then this happens. That’s it, as far as I’m concerned they had their shot and they blew it. Sure it might be a one-off, though google tells me otherwise and it could honestly happen with any device, it’s enough to make me turn my back on my previous decision and chalk it up to a learning experience. Better the devil you know and all that.

I’m not sure what Microsoft’s warranty is like, but I know my consumer rights and if its dead in under a week, then I’m legally entitled to a refund and I just couldn’t be assed dealing with an entire Windows set up again. Really couldn’t be fucking assed, when I can just download everything I want from the cloud, right to a new laptop and be up and running in under an hour. If they are anything like Apple they will try to replace the unit. Well that sure as shit aint happening, regardless of what they THINK is going to happen.

In my world if I step a toe into a pond and it burns me first shot, then that pond is to be avoided for the rest of eternity. Why? Because my gripe with Apple had nothing to do with it not working, it had to do with not delivering more. Big fucking difference. The SP3 might promise to deliver and if working it certainly delivers more, regardless of me having to get used to windows again, but not working at all…. BANISHED!! Totally unacceptable.

You might be sitting there thinking, well that’s a tough stance, it might just be unlucky. Yes it might be, but I’m taking it as a sign that unlucky means unwise to continue down this path. Why should I get a replacement and HOPE that I don’t have the same issue? Hope is fools gold.  I’ve been burned… What happens if I have this issues several uses in and lose everything on the computer? Shit I need? Yeah yeah backup and all that, but its a fuck load harder on a non Apple device than an Apple one. They had their change and they blew it, big time. The specs might be better, the performance better ball blah blah but that’s only relevant if the fucker works. See the issue, the fucker aint working. Deal breaker. This is why I don’t try new things, read the last chapters of books first and need to know the end of a tv series before I begin to watch it. I hate fucking rude surprises. New devices dying in under a week, big bad surprise and the tilt is epic.

So now I have to go in and deal with the retail side of things. An exchange for an Apple Air would be fine, as long as they customise it and give the appropriate, i.e. equivalent Apple price, but as we all know retail stores do not match educational prices, which is what it’s classed as, so be damned I’m spending more on something because they can’t price match. Plus I’m not waiting a second longer than Apple takes to get it to me 1-3 days. I’m already out an office subscription and that’s enough of a loss to make me want to cut someone because I’m going to have to purchase office for Mac to go on the new computer. So that goes back too. I want that at least traded for the mac addition. No fuck that, it falls under “reasonable” cost with the return as well as the keyboard and SD card I don’t need unless I have a SP3. So full fucking refund suckers.

I’m going in consumer lawed up and let the wrath begin. Though fortunately for them they are very accommodating and refund issued for everything on the spot and Mac Air ordered on my phone via Apple Store before I leave the store.

So kiddies the point to all of this? Try new things, sure. But don’t let it bite you in the ass more than once. If bitten, go back to what you know and trust. Oh and know your consumer rights cause sure as shit they come in handy.

Now running good my new customised Mac Air will be in my hands by the end of the week. Hopefully this ends the saga. Once bitten, twice shy. It will have to take a mammoth fuck up by Apple to have me venture into new phone territory. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Lesson learned.