My Inner Geek Died And Rose From The Dead… All In 5 minutes.


Ok,so I didn’t know I even had an inner geek until recently. There are so many TV shows, movies etc that I just can’t bring myself to watch for a myriad of reasons. Firstly if it’s fostered upon me as a “much watch” then you’re shit out of luck, cause I MUST NOT do anything. It’s an automatic response and not something I can control. NO!  So there are shows like Game Of Throne (GoT) that ate sitting in my ‘Never going to happen” pile (along with a few others) and honestly I have no idea what I’m missing out on so I really don’t give two shit’s. Ignorance is bliss and this tends to drive true die-hard fans around the bend. How could I NOT want to watch? Simple. Cause you told me I just HAD to. First rule of thumb, never tell me I HAVE to do anything. Plus they don’t look that appealing… I will NAEVEr start watching a series that is not complete before I start, cause I must know the end. I stopped watching True Blood after the 3rd episode of the lat series, know the end and thats enough. Plus WTF it’s like their good writers took seasons off. Only Eric saved that show…. Total badass, cunt, love it. But that taught me a valuable lesson. NEVER commit to t TV show till it’s finished unless it’s fluff (Modern family for example). Hell I just rewatched EVERY season of Scrubs again back to back (bar the last one, like the new Star Wars they don’t exist in my world, though Dave Franco I do love you).

Though I have a bet riding on The Boss. I like, I forget I think if they win I admit I was wrong (big deal here), I dislike they have to watch EVERY episode of Glee ever made. Seems fair. (I had a similar bet on The Newsroom, which I could nether like nor dislike so we settled for them skipping missing every episode of Charmed ever made and a nice case of wine for me… Oh yeah I’m mean I pick shows not even I could stomach)

I also have this weird “thing” as I like to call it. I read the last chapter of every book I ever get first, I wait for tv series to be over, so I know the ending before they start (Breaking Bad is an example of this and i’ve yet to watch last 3 episodes, cause I know how it ends and I just can’t bring myself to that type of closure, its too final and again sends me a bit loopy) and this makes my world a nice little safe place, where I know how much time, emotion and investment to put into characters. Surprise endings? Well they throw me for a loop and I REALLY don’t cope well with them, almost as bad as I don’t cope well with predictable endings. Hell I just don’t like endings. Fuck it. So you can see what kind of fucked up level my brain operates on. Though I have to have closure in real life, translation, final say.

But hell it works for me. If it’s a movie series (i.e. Hunger Games, Divergent) then I might see the movie first, purchase the books and read the last chapter of the last book as soon as I get it. I HAVE to know how it ends, before I get invested. Saves of nasty surprises later. I DO recommend the HG books, great read (better than movies). I read the last chapter of the last book, then started with the second then went to the end and started again. Sequencing is also very important. OCD, get on board. Divergent? Well the books are crap and the ONLY saving grace is Theo James is in the movies and that alone will put my ass in a chair and I’d jump ship on Mr BmB in a millisecond if that opportunity presented itself. He knows this, is fine with it cause he doesn’t think it could happen… I see that as a challenge. My god that is one damn fine-looking man. Ok more so in the Divergent suit and that killer tat (That’s which I lost really like IRL but that’s one hell of a sexy back). I’m glad I read the last chapter first, cause fuck me that would have had me so off tilt a massive handbag binge and a pharmacy would not have saved me.


But this brings me back to my inner geek that has only just found the light of day in the form of Dr Who and Peter Capaldi. The man’s interpretation of The Doctor genius, it’s all types of quirky and is it just me or do the storylines actually make sense now? I kind of see him as the “House” (as in the Hugh Lawrie character) of the Dr Who world. He is just damn unpredictable, weird, quirky and fascinating enough to keep my interest held firm and me entertained. I can honestly say up until the last episode of the last series I had NO idea who Mat Smith was and in my mind he and David Tenant were interchangeable. No idea. I did however like Chris Eccleston, way back in series 1, not as much as Capaldi, but he was alway my number 1. He’s been dethroned and in an epic way.


Now I understand that really die-hard fans of Dr Who fans are having trouble adjusting and I’ve heard a lot more negative than positive. The overwhelming consensus’ is he isn’t like. Well I say, I think that he has turned an old, tired, weird tv show into something that is actually entertaining and I personally look forward to watching it. It’s a guilty pleasure, not so secret now. I wouldn’t call my self a Whovian, that’s far too broad but a Capaldian? I’m signing up.


I just watched the latest episode and near stroked out when I realised there was only one more left in the series. Last episode looks EPIC! This sent me into a google fit looking for confirmation of series 9 and if there was to be a new Doctor. The answers are yes and no in that order. OMG my word stopped crashing down. I FINALLY had just “gotten” something that most of my friends get and it was all going to be snatched away from me. Given the way I’ve outlined how I like to go about reading books and watching TV series, you can imagine this made me all types of OCD itchy. But nope, he’s here for one more series and at least indicated he’d be interested in a third. Happy dance time…. Yeah I’m now that weird geek I never got before, but see the difference is this is the cool/rebel version of the geek cause what I like the real fans hate. I promise this was not done on purpose, I watched the first few episodes out of curiosity. I was a bit weirded out by the choice of Doctor in the last episode of the last series, cause man he was OLD,  but after the first episode I was all in. This is not tv I normally watch, actually I don’t normally watch anything, but docs or John Oliver (if you haven’t her or seen him he is a must)…

So today my inner geek died to be resurrected. Even if it was just dead for a few minutes. To this I say long live Capaldi as The Doctor and the rest can fuck right off. Except Eccleston, he can stay cause he was pretty good too.

** Just as an ironic side bar I rate The Usual Suspects and Primal Fear as the two best movies of all time, due to the twist ending that was so magnificent I never saw it coming. I recommend these if you haven’t seen them. Kevin Spacey and Ed Norton at their very finest and a should watch if you want to enrich your life. I won’t say must, cause no one must do anything but If you choose not to, your loss!

tusprimal fearAnd yeah yeah spelling, grammar and all that jazz… its 2am, deal with it, it’s still readable.