I Made A Mistake



Well actually that’s not really true because I never make mistakes. I might make very slight errors in judgment that lead to an outcome I actually didn’t want, but mistakes? Nope, never. I like to call them “learning experiences”….

Remember when I did my FB pet peeves awhile back? If you don’t you can find it here. But today I realized I forgot one REALLY big pet peeve. The bitchbooking. Now I’m sure you’re thinking I must have covered that in my last post. I looked back and while certain elements of it were there, in its purest form it was missing.

So what is bitchbooking? Basically it’s trolling without the element of friendship or even fun of trolling. It’s commenting on people’s status in a way that is just downright rude, dressed up to look like a joke. The really sad thing is, it really isn’t funny and people think you’re a massive dick for doing it! Like a massive dick, bigger than Boogie Nights type big dick. You just come across as being an asshole. Even more so if you add in a winky face at the end to try to dress it up as a joke cause you really know it’s not. Asshole move dick!


Yes there is a fine line between trolling and bitchbooking and that line really depends on the relationship you have with the person. Personally on my FB account I have about half a dozen to a dozen people who could say something and I’d consider it trolling. If it came from anyone else, bitchbooking. The difference being I like the person who’s trolled me, we are good enough friends for it and I’d troll them given half a chance. The bitchbooker? Well I really don’t like them and generally don’t comment on their statuses at all. It’s pretty likely I have you unsubscribed from my feed cause your shit ain’t worth my time. See the difference?

Then there is the bitchbooking by proxy. Where you make a remark that is addressed to address something you’ve said. I can be more specific here actually as it happened today. Remember my post about unfit mother? Well a mutual “friend” commenting “oh they are so lucky to have you as their Mumma”…. Bitchbooking by proxy.

Oh yeah feel the burn?! Nah not me, I’m actually rubbing my hands together in glee. It means that my little old blog post not only hit the target dead on but also the targets friend and OMG they’ve been talking about it and me. You all forget I can SEE who reads my blog and how often… 4 times is a little obsessive. Hit a nerve did I? Why didn’t I feel my ears burning I wonder?

Nonetheless it just made my day that little bit brighter because now I KNOW the target of the blog read it (I’m waving hello and laughing at you all just let the record show) and the people around you read it too. Though the hate mail kinda gave that away…. But hell to be bitchbooked over my lil old blog (oh fyi that blog got my most hits ever, over 1000… So there was much interest in what I had to say and curiously only 17 letters of hate and almost four times that patting me on the back) just really does make me feel all kinds of good. Cause job well done me eh? I just wish I could have been a fly in the wall when the ignorant internet royal court read the blog. Hopefully FB was in spy mode and captured it on their cameras? Cause I’d pay seriously good money to see that shit!

unicorn shit

And with that Bitchbooker, consider yourself called out!