You Lost Me At Hello

Well actually that’s not true at all, but it sounded all kinds of cool to title a blog that, so why the hell not? But yes today Apple did lose me…. Just as I predicted.


See I needed a new notebook for my research and Mr BmB took his back. It’s a Toshiba so more fool him really. I waited out the new iPad to see what it had to offer me, nothing too great other than it’s gold. So I was left pondering what should I get? It needed it to be portable, light weight and frankly my iMac just doesn’t really fit the bill. I will add in here I don’t mind the new Yosemite, some changes bug me but being a little OCD change drive me a little loopy. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but I swear some of the changes were not needed, just popped in for changes sake.

That annoys me. If there is a reason for some of them it might become apparent but they way you close down applications and get a new screen up? Why? Just why? It was fine the way it was! Well that my user opinion, I’m in no way a tech specialist so maybe there is a reason. Might be helpful if I took the user guide but that’s like asking a man to read instructions before assembling something. The step that happens after you mess something up.

But back to my need for what I like to call a ultrabook. It’s basically a great functioning min laptop. Yeah yeah the Apple stans are all screaming Mac Air at me…. BUT….. I decided, due to my disdain with my iPhone 6 (is it just me or is it glitchy as hell?) Programs shutting down mid usage, slow loading and a gyroscope issue that’s driving me batty in fucking messenger and my camera that I wanted to evaluate the market.

For me certain brands are automatically out, Toshiba, Samsung (we all know my disgust at them using the ALSIBC to one up Apple on their phones waterproof feature. A serious condition that should t be used as s marketing tool. Taking advantage of a “charitable” cause for marketing is Class A Epic cunt worthy), Dell, Asus and anything I’ve never heard of before. Bad experiences and I’m not revisiting them though some of that ironically (will get to that) might be due to Windows vista. So it left me with 3 options Mac Air, HP or Windows Surface Pro 3. Yeah ok I’m picky, sue me.

HP while always being very good to me in the past, all my computers before Apple were HP. But they are being sold off and their prices are crazy. Like mental. Yes I will pay for a good product a good price BUT their specs didn’t really hold up to the extra they wanted to charge for their tab/laptop combo. I don’t need 1tb of storage thanks to cloud like systems snd SD cards slots. Their other specs very similar if not slightly lacking compared to Apple or Windows.


So I went in and looked at the Surface Pro 3, which btw presently has MASSIVE discounts for students/education/research NOW before you go jumping up and down at the price. On Micrisoft website only, stores can’t match it. Remember that, order from Windows online. Core i7 1800AUD FYI, top of line, not the baby sister core i7 at 1500 AUD approx , USB, SD slot, 1″ smaller screen but better resolution (than Air) and retina display, cooling fan and the rest is in line with a custom-built top of line Air top of lines identical price with student discount. Though having to purchase a yearly subscription to Office is total bullshit. I’d happily be using 2007 if I could!

You know where they lost me? This is a tablet that can be used as a laptop and try that with an iPad. Possibly but specs are too low to function as s good ultrabook. Secondly, the touch screen. I’m SO used to it now that not having it seems archaic! Apple will never go there because then they think they will leech consumers from getting both iPads and Airs. They are right…. Makes me hate them more! I can feel them hsnging me from the ankles, trying to get out all my loose change… But that’s so Apple. If they combined the devices who needs both? So in a round about way being spoilt by Apples touch screen and old innovative ways have spoilt me. A  new Air not being slated till at least early next year and I was out the door. Let’s face it, I was heading that way anyways.

Apple as I’ve said in the past with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and lack of innovation just have totally lost me. The brand means nothing but old and stale technology and the android (why do we call it that? It make it sounds like they are invading from out of space it something, when they were here first!) have well and truly caught up and surpassed them.

So I’ve relinquished my place in the Apple cult and now see them as the poor cousin. Even the OS update left me cold, nothing remarkable there. It even has me pondering my next phone. The only thing that keeps me with an iPhone is the apps, but we are seeing a shift towards more android users and in sure the app market will follow.

So today Apple you lost a very brand loyal customer, I’ve had an iPhone since the 3s (all of them and never waiverr in brand loyalty, remember the 48 hour epic no sleep bender?) and my iMacs maybe 4/5 years and I’ve lost all interest in iPads. Given them to the kids. They are toys. I’m too old for toys. Being 26 😉

Something for them to mull over me thinks! Because I’m sure I’m not the first, won’t be the last and when they say Samsung had lost 60% of market to Apple we need to keep in mind this is s trend that always follows a new phone release. It will readjust and the time period they measure a very well picked one. Plus Galaxy tabs are crap but show the innovation androids CAN have, but watch out we have a new player in the Windows Surface  Pro 3 (let’s forget the 2 existed, they’ve evolved)

In short either start gaming up or get out now Apple cause not even your iwatch is going to save you. Useless copycat piece of crap. Even the Samsung watch is better now, granted took them like million tries but fuck they kept trying. They also succeeded in epic fashion over the iwatch (yeah I know it’s The Apple Watch, not a marketing genius move if you ask me) So you need to try  a bit harder Apple!


As for the WSP3, love it!

ps. I have received zilch for this review is purely my opinion!

Oh iwatch THiS is a cool watch!


Snyome got any suggestions for an iMac updgrafe away from Apple? I’d love to hear! Hell at this pint I’d trade in my iPhone 6…. Yep they’ve lost me and it will take a miracle to get me back!