A Plage On Both Your Houses + More Contributors Anyone?


Those being my brain and body and the inability to allow me to sleep… Curse them both to hello and back. Only back cause I think hell might be cool and I want them to know what they are missing when they get to come back here, To be fair, they are likely to reside there in the future full-time. Hey, I just roll that way.

Now I’m really starting to wonder if my brain and body have turned against me? Sleep is supposed to be a natural thing and of course I do realise that things can go awry with the body and it affects your health. Pancreas I’m looking at you, if only you could get your insulin issues resolved I could enjoy a nice bowl of pasta again, at some point without the threat of going into a coma and losing a toe, a kidney, my eyesight or my life. what can I say my endocrinologist is a mean son of a bitch (which of course I love) and he laid it all out on the table for me. Lose the baby weight (4 kids remember), get healthy and get the sugars under control or you are going to cut 35 years off your life. Pleasant conversation. No I didn’t cry, no I didn’t throw anything but I don’t think I’ve ever been that quiet in my entire life. The reality sunk in, I have four little people who need a mother and I need to be here for them. So it became really easy, eat what I should, avoid what I shouldn’t  (I can’t exercise from what I call a social media injury, i.e. face booking down carpeted stairs with freshly pedicured feet and slipping and acquiring 3 spinal fractures. One in the neck one at t5 and one at L5, so damn it I did the job well. Half assed would have been better, but hey that’s totally not my thing). I did all these things without medical intervention, I kept all my stomach and I never once thought about taking the “easy way out”… cause lets face it, unless you have an underlying medical condition, which I don’t, that’s the chicken shit lazy route. Sure it took time, dedication and an iron will but hey I got there! Not so hard really calories in must be less than calories out and eat low Gi (not NO GI) carbs and it worked like a treat. In 6 months I dropped 30kg (whats that in pounds? 66lbs) all with diet alone. So I don’t believe for a second anyone without a legitimate medical reason or pressing health issue can’t do it any other way.



I have a friend with a degenerative back disorder and thyroid potential issues, she is an idea candidate for this procede. Also one who was facing great medical risks, again good candidate. But the ones who take it as the easy route, really get my goat…. You know why, because you CAN do it, you just choose the easiest method possible. A permanent method that will affect nutrient absorption for the rest of your life. Have fun with that.

But that’s beside the point and a mini rant in my rant. I think my sleep/body clock is broken. I’ve tried sleep aids, I’ve tried old school antihistamines (which had me typing really odd messages to my overseas awake friends, sorry about that, but it’s like speaking toddler so I’m sure you got the point, or at leat I hope… nothing terrible was said, it was just a mess). The only culprit i can think of is stress but that seems to be a cop-out because it’s been going on 5 or 6 nights now and my stress levels are actually the same. If not decreased. So what the fuck is going on? My body is tired, my brain is tired but somehow the connections are not being made. Hell I even gave up the whole up of coffee I drink a day. The ONLY caffeine and I have 4 kids…. Yeah I’m hardcore.

happy coffee

Ok to be fair I do think a lot and chronic insomnia is not a new thing to me, it’s just been years since I had it. Maybe it thought it would just pop on to say hello, like old friends do? How do you tell an old friend they have out stayed their welcome? I’ve tried being polite, I’ve tried being rude and as you know I ca be REALLY rude…. I’m not sure what is next. A sleep clinic? Fat load of good that would do me trying to sleep with a whole bunch of machines attached to me in a hospital like setting. Hospitals alone, unless I’m having a baby give me the willy’s.

So what to do next/ Yep I’m going to sit here and whine about it. Lets face it most of my audience is in the middle of the day anyways, so you can read it and then sleep peacefully at night. Have I mentioned I hate you for that?

I’m open to suggestions here…..

Also on that note, I’m open to post contributions. They can be as wild or as tame as you like. You don’t have to put your name on them and I will post them. It’s a nice way for other people to get topics out there that I might not even think about. For those you who are thinking “vaccinations” this a hot topic button for me, so I’m willing to give it a go, but we might end up having a heated discussion blog. Actually that might be kind of cool?

So on that note, I’m trying my 200th cup of warm milk or the night a bath and trying to gt ANY sleep. I’ve totalled 7 hours in 5 days… I’m waiting for the delirium to kick in or maybe it has already? Who knows. ,may delirious i’m “normal” Bahahaha I can’t even type that without bursting out loud…. Though my spelling and grammar seems to be worse or I;m pickling up on more. Safe bet is door number 2.

Do dear readers your tasks are:

1. Cure my insomnia.

2. Listen to me whine till it’s fixed.

3. Get your asses into gear and write me some great contributions. I promise minimal editing, I have no real boundaries other than hate speech, violent or pornographic content (i.e. picture, but you may talk about the impact they have on society) and I would REALLY love some real psychological debate on here, since that’s what I’m trained in.

Impress me!