I rarely, ok never really, come on here and not rant and rave about something that has given me the shit’s. Well not just the shit’s but pissed me off badly enough to write a blog on it. Usually a long blog. Sorry I don’t do the cliffnotes version of things.

So today is s first. No ranting, no raving and no name calling or finger-pointing. Well not in a bad way. It’s ok the earth is still spinning and I havent been possessed or anything, well that I know of. If that changes, the entity that has taken me over will let you know I’m sure. Plus honestly? I don’t think it can be more brutally honest than I am!

But today I want to say a big THANK YOU for every message of support, every message of encouragement and every person who has reached out not only to make sure I’m ok (though seriously I LOVE hate mail, it means my point came across loud and clear and those who the shoe fits got the message) but to also say they AGREE with what I had to say yesterday. Even my 2am rant that was full of sleep deprived mistakes and errors. You peeps rock! But I knew that already.

I have a solid circle of very good friends. We may communicate by Internet mainly, but they are some of the closest women in my life and they ALWAYS have my back. What I didn’t expect is support from others, whom I’ve always respected but I’d never expect them to have my back in the same way. Not because they aren’t awesome, they are fucking awesome, but because we aren’t as close as my “inner circle”. Who by the way rock. I’d leave my kids with these women and know they would be well cared for without hesitation, that says a lot about how much respect and appreciation I have for them. I wouldn’t leave my kids with most people!

To those of you who have written support and shown me not only respect but encouraged me in civilizing the world (newsroom quote), from the deepest recesses of my heart that isn’t black and cold I thank you. It’s small but there, promise! It’s meant a great deal to me. I don’t live for pats on the back, I don’t write for compliments (obviously) but what I do appreciate is an unsolicited message that says “Mrs BMB I totally agree and you have my respect and support”…. Because you took the time out of your busy days to tell me this, when you really could be doing something else. Anything else, but you chose to write to me. So for that you have my gratitude, my respect and most of all my loyalty. If you are ever in a tough spot, I will be here to back you 200%! Please remember that.

Oh and my anal OCD tendencies had me calculate for every message of hate or disgust I got 3.45 messages of support. Since you can imagine the amount of hate, imagine the level of support. You my friends are shining stars and made me making my stand, stating my unfiltered opinion and all the associated negativity well worth it. When the chips are down, you really find out who’s on your side, who’s not and who’s playing both.

So this is me sending my love and gratitude.

I was going to post this as words of inspiration and thankfulness to these individuals, but I realised you’re already there!



Never change xx