Just My Opinion.

Well today’s topic is going to piss a fair few people off. Specific people but to be fair I think you’re all uneducated plebs with the combined IQ of driftwood, so for the record I don’t give a flying fuck, you can kiss my skinny ass.

Nothing wrong with fat asses, but I exercised and dieted to get mine back after 4 kids with 3 spinal fractures and didn’t go the medical route of having half my stomach removed cause I’m a lazy bitch. I will point out there are 2 exceptions to that statement (E and R) so not referring to you, but I think that’s obvious cause you’re my bitches!

I always say I’m against Mummy Wars and I totally AM. I couldn’t give a fuck how you had your kid, breastfeeding/formula fed or any of the other competitive bullshit women are into. Unless you’re a bad parent, then I care.

Seriously in 6 months no one will give a shit and likely no one does now. They might ask but I really don’t think they care enough to actually be fussed, it just seems it’s part of the Mummy Wars or something to ask.

What I do care about is people who pop kids out like they are candy (yes I have four but mine are all loved, fed, well-educated and balanced… No candy popping here), don’t look after their kids and seem intent on building their own little secluded cult.

As a child development specialist, let me tell you, you’re fucking up big time and the fact you don’t care, because it’s about you and not the kids, makes you an unfit parent in my opinion. Yep I’ll say it, you’re an UNFIT PARENT, you need investigation and the best thing that could ever happen, for your kids, is they are taken away from you. Professionally, you REALLY need a psych evaluation and I can predict you’ll fail miserably. Smart money is on Borderline Personality Disorder and I don’t say that lightly cause damn that shit is serious.

Today I heard a tale of a parent who had a new child that made no fucking sense at all. Scheduled sections before term that weren’t emergency, IUGR that seems to be missing from the picture but obvious, a baby that appears to be in the NICU despite the claims of being healthy and of course how all the complications were due to the medical profession and not the fact that you’re a completely uneducated fool, whose been pushing their own agenda for years.

See I realise if you admit you were wrong now, your credibility is shot (if you had any other than your sheep followers) and basically you’ve been TRYING to pass yourself off as educated for over half a decade, with NO real qualification. I’m sorry universities that are based on the Internet don’t count nor do BS courses that have no real accreditation bodies. Frankly you’re an Epic Uneducated Cunt who should be locked up for not only being crazy but for child abuse.

Yes this seems harsh but fuck it, it’s exactly how I feel and I’m not going to mince words here cause guess what? This is MY space and you can’t edit me here. So suck that big fat one! Hey fuck HERE I’M THE QUEEN….

No pregnancy is not a “medical condition” but needs medical management because it’s in the best interests of the baby. But you know better right? Yes it’s natural, but so’s producing insulin and my pancreas didn’t get the memo. Sure women have been having babies since the dawn of time and the death rates for both mothers and babies have declined dramatically since we discovered this thing called medical management and preventative care. See preventative care doesn’t mean medical condition, it means preventing and managing any issues that may arise.

I feel the same about women who smoke, drink and take dangerous drugs when pregnant. Poison yourself, that’s fine. But you’re damaging your baby and that’s unacceptable. When you choose to have a child their health SHOULD come first and if it doesn’t, why are you even bothering? You’re setting them up for a life of increased risk of cancers, psychological and health issues. How is THAT being a good parent? Sorry you fail that basic test and I have no time for you. Even eating foods considered high risk cause you “crave” them is irresponsible. Sure the odds are in your favour but I’ve known THREE separate women to lose babies to Listeria and toxoplasmosis. Is it worth the gamble? Fuck if I can avoid carbs (being diabetic) and keep my sugars so regulated that even the hardest assed endocrinologist can’t fault me, then why so hard to just be healthy?!

I personally have had 4 complicated pregnancies and deliveries. With Master 6, perfect pregnancy, without the instant medical care during delivery I got in a medical setting we’d both be dead. With the last 3, just I’d be dead. I’m sure Mr BmB would love to be a widower with 4 kids. But my life was saved every last time, due to unexpected and unpredictable complications. Complications that had I said home birthed would have had me dead before an ambulance got here.

Fortunately I’m educated enough to know there are real risks, unpredictable risks and ones that need immediate attention. I’m not just saying hospital births, I’m all good with well supervised birthing centres and even well monitored home births. But free births (or free birth VBAC’s, fucking lunacy) and you’re fucking out of your mind! How a woman in labour or the Daddy can see disaster coming with NO formal training is impossible? This lesson was almost learned the hard way by a certain individual who missed a mild abruption for 48 hours. Had it been a total abruption and they’d both have been dead.

So today’s post is dedicated to giving a giant “you’re a fucking cunt idiot who cares more for THEIR birth experience than the actual focus on the joy of the BABY’S birth”, which is how it should be. Fuck this mentality it’s about your experience, regardless of the risk and maybe let’s think about how a REAL honest to god birth plan should simply be to have a baby in the safest and best environment FOR the baby. See the distinction?

As for the BS story I heard today filled with misinformation, lies and basic stupidity I’m filled with nothing but contempt. You really are a failure as a mother, because a REAL mother puts their kids first regardless of their personal preferences. That’s being a parent, a good parent. But you know fuck all about that. But like I said there are obvious psychiatric issues underlying this persons stupidity.

As an added note being anorexic and pregnant is not a good thing. All against medical intervention in any form but other than for cosmetic reasons. The mind boggles. Boob job next? Awesome. Cause bring in a medical setting to have a baby “dangerous” but gastric bypass surgery and boob job? Of course, why wouldn’t you?

Fucking insanity!

Oh and if you don’t like this post or my opinion I hope the door hits you hard on the ass on the way out! You’re just as fucking stupid as they are and we can’t be friends! Full Stop!