Ahh Hater's Going To Hate.

Well I hate to quote Taylor Swift cause she is super fucking annoying but so am the rest of the people I’m about to write about, so it fits.

Well Thank you of the overwhelming “fan” mail that I have revived in the past hours since I posted my last blog. I’m seriously overwhelmed by the time, effort and pure thought and that you all managed to take time out of your busy days to write to me. I’m truly flattered and this means that I really must have hit some fucking nerves. Awesome, cause that was my bloody intention you muppet’s. Or lemmings might be a more correct term…. I love watching you fall from the hill. Call me a sadist.

The piece I wrote was not warm and fuzzy, it was not meant to be polite and it was mean to point the finger at someone people who think they are Queen of the Internet and an expert cause they can bloody google… But I think my point got across, you might be able to silence me on YOUR site, ban me even, but here? I rule the bloody fucking roost and you can suck big fat hairy ones, cause I can write whatever the fuck I want and I WILL. Ohh no, that compulsive need for control that had you starting up your own internet site is all types of itchy now right?

Good, cause you and an uneducated cunt who has done more harm than good in the time I have known you, advocated for the most stupid and selfish things possible and taken the poor unfortunate plebs that believe what you say as gospel, with mixed result. You are an absolute danger to the world in general, let alone people on the internet and the cult you are intent on building. (though the number of sites you have been banned from is phenomenal. Thank to a former friend for that information, now in your inner circle. Yep she sold you ALL out… wonder who?)

So here is a clear message, hate all you like, call me all the names that you like, hell we can even go back to old games. but what I WON’T tolerate is being called a BAD MOTHER. Actually coming from the sources it has, it’s actually a compliment cause it you called me a good mother I’d be fucking terrified. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, no one is. But I like to think I’m the best possible mother I CAN be IN THE MOMENT and as parents that’s the best we can hope for. Of course on reflection I think I could have handled something better, made a different choice or something similar. BUT in THAT moment, I’ve done the best I can and if I’m lacking I have NO issues with telling my kids, apologising, letting them know why I might have made a bad call and explaining to them all you can be is the best IN THE MOMENT. If you have an issue with that I suggest you take parenting 101 and really look at it hard, cause otherwise you will be setting yourself up for failure. You are human too, we all make mistakes but it’s how we deal with them and learn from them that is important.

I stick to EVERYTHING I said in my last blog, actually I think I was rather restrained given my absolutely abhorrent view of the persons in question. There are not enough swear words, psychological terms or vitriolic rage that can convey my utter contempt for this person or like her or that follow her in general. You’ll know who you are, you fucked bunch of dumb amoebas. I actually think giving you the combined intelligence of a piece of driftwood was generous…. Drift wood has ZERO intelligence, you are worse than that, because you actually are deluded enough to think you have ANY intelligence. Newsflash Google is not a medical resource, peer-reviewed literature DOES exist for both sides of a point and just leaving out what you don’t agree with ISN’T intelligent or proving anything other than you have a single-minded agenda, that is purely selfish and you don’t care who gets harmed in the process. Even if it’s your own kids. FUCKING BAD PARENTING 101. But that’s not surprising because under all that bullshit is a very sick, mentally, individual who is a compulsive liar and a really bad one at that. The most terrific thing, ok one of them, about having a eidetic memory is that I never forget something I read and when things start to look wonky and like things are being pulled out of thin air to suit your story for the day, I’m the first to notice. Actually I’m sure there are more, but they just don’t want to get involved.

Screw that, I’m going to shit over you at every turn. You know why? I have this wonderful thing where I screenshot EVERYTHING I’m sent, I read and I find iffy. EVERY LAST DAMN THING…. So all those bitches in the past, you all have your own nice little backed up files with every lie, every rumour, every nasty thing you’ve ever said about anyone just sitting here, jic one day I decide to blow you all apart for fun. Normally I wouldn’t but after 5 years of  this sht, the fun value has skyrocketed. You might also think you have outsmart me by blocking me and all your posts being hidden, but you don’t give me enough credit…. chicken littles your sky will come crashing down one day (especially those who wrote the hate mail, you know who you are…. In the words of The Fly, be afraid be very afraid)

So this is a nice little reminder to those who have shat on me, intend on shitting on me, who have spied on me (oh yes I know who you are, people turn faster than you think), unless you want to release the dragon, who I should add is now supercharged, you’d be better off shutting you bloody mouths and just pretending I don’t exist, like I do you….

You may also refer to me as Queenie if you wish, cause the OLD queen, well off with her head and in with the new. You asshats have been warned.

Have a delightful night and weekend won’t you .