GamerGate – Feminism


Ok I had an epic blog written on equality v feminism, stemming from GamerGate. Accidentally deleted it, my stupid fault, so cliff notes version it is.

It’s actually fitted quit well into piece 4 of my raising children blogs. Whoever said procrastination is the devil obviously never met Lea Michele it has seen how all things can falling into place when they are meant to.

We live in a world gone mad. My Twitter feed if full of GamerGate, being a non game to be this sounds like the Surviver version of last gamer standing wins. I’m not certain those contests exits but I’d wager on it. Obviously I’m not a gamer. The basic principle is the backlash about the over serialisation of females and associated violence towards women in computer games. Got it agree but may I point out a few double standards here? It’s in now in point form cause I’ve written it once and I’m kicking myself for deleting it accidentally.

I agree violence and over sexualisation of women in computer games IS a real issue. Desensitisation and the formation of normative patterns our children are going to learn. I the other hand if someone could point me in the direction of the men who look like The Prince of Persia or Assassin’s Creed type looking men, I’d appreciate it cause seriously I really can’t find them in real life. These games are bloodbath but it’s ok cause it’s men v men. I will add in here I find Grand Theft Auto appalling and yeah changes need to be made. The literature suggests the more men/women are exposed to the graphic images like this changed their psychological makeup. Things that shouldn’t be normalise are, for the worst.

I now would like to point out the HUGE massive standard where female models, movie stars, musicians ect are paid ridiculous amounts to sexualize products, make them sexy and use sex to sell. It’s ok cause they are being paid right? But can you have your cake and eat it too? Equal rights, does NOT mean “well unless I get paid handsomely for it”…. Media, movies, print media, commercial and basically anything used to sell item to girls aged 5+ have a sexual element. Since when did 5 year olds become sexual creatures and what kind of future are we setting them up for? A world of double standards. We complain when it suits and take the cash when it suits. Yep, selling out.


You wander down the toy isles in you stores and are confronted with slutty liking Bratz dolls and a multitude of unsuitable overs sexualised items for little girls. Though buy her a truck and people applause, cause why can’t have a girl have a truck?

Conversely I buy my boy a Barbie or anything pink and I’ve actually been asked, much to my disgust “are you trying to give him the gays”…. Well didn’t that idiot cop an educated mouthful on homosexuality being genetic and who the fuck cares. I want happy, supported children. Whether I go shopping for shoes with a DIL or a SIL no bloody difference to me as long as my child is happy! Don’t like it? Go fuck your self.

Which brings me to the topic of feminism and to the ridiculousness it’s gotten to so feminist we are working against ourselves. Taken board members on a board mandated due to presence of a vagina? Well you can shove that, I want to be employed on merit alone! The best candidate, not the one with the vaginal advantage. I’m sure some women deserve their places I know others don’t. What ever happened to the best candidate for the job? Yeh glass ceilings and Sheryl Sansberg (cunt)will see you s comic book on how were as women can have it all. What about boys?. Can they have it all? By not including boys and bring by being purely feminist you’re being discriminatory. She’s a cunt, so I’m not surprised.


So I’m left wondering is feminist actually the anti-feminist movement starting and the beginning of the end of equality as a concept?

I hope society matures to see these things but I doubt it. I will answer the God homosexuality debate her. God doesn’t make mistakes correct? Genetics ate the basis for homosexuality. So has he made mistake or are you clinging to an archaic belief? Remembering Romans too male lover before marriage, way back in the time of Jesus. Just food for thought.

Interesting piece by John Oliver. Love him as much as Louis Theroux!