I'm a slacker- Movie loves and Hates

Well truth be told it’s actually the opposite, I’ve been so run off my feet that actually sitting time and having time to write substance in here has been a total fucken clusterfuck of not just going to happen. I apologize. I hate half assed posts, filler posts and basically just words to fill space so you don’t forget me. Ha! Ok that’s unlikely.

Seems I’m down to lists. Top 10 most hate and most loved movies this week. Yeah sorry it’s not riverting stuff but you’ll just have to cope. In no particular order, rather than most hated number 1, cause it’s not negotiable.


1. The Notebook- absolute hedonistic drivel. Unlikeable characters and basically left me wanting to punch everyone involved in the face. I just didn’t get it and don’t care too. If you disagree, well I question your choices in life.

2. Matrix followed by any number – bored to death. Stupid and instant insomniac cure. I will NEVER watch all 3. I got halfway through number 1 and wanted to slit my wrists. Not for a billion dollars.

3. Snakes on a plane Samuel L Jackson what were you thinking? I have no words.

4. Magic Mike- hot bods sure. Acting and story line terrible. Not even CT could make up for this travesty.

5. Transformers Of Extinction robots riding robot dinosaurs for what seemed like a million hours. I want to kill someone. Or become extinct myself!

6. Any Star Wars Prequels – rubbish. Utter rubbish. To function I need to pretend you never existed. Gareth Edwards, I’m coming after you.

7. Captain America 1 – worst Marvel movie ever. Says a lot.

8. Twilight, any one – good god teenage angst at its worse crossed with vampires. You should have taken notes from Interview With A Vampire and recast two main roles. P-Putz and Resting Bitch face, leave me cold.

9. Mission impossible 2 through to but not including Ghost Protocol. GP I liked. The rest? Waste of time and energy.

10. Groundhog Day – so damn frustrating I could not stop watching through the hate.

11 & 12 – Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Read the books. Way better.

Honourable mentions go to;
To Anchorman/s, or basically anything including Will Farrell. Also most recently Sex Tape and the “classics ” American Beauty and Shakespeare in Love.

I want my money back and the hours spent watching this travesties.

Love. Number 1 & 2 not negotiable.

1. The Usual Suspects – Brilliant. Never to be beaten. Epic ending. God Will Hunting. I can’t seoetste the two. They are are genius on different levels. I can’t even compare to rank!

2. Primal Fear – Edward Norton at his very best. Must watch!

3. Bad Grandpa – Funniest movie in like forever. Acquired taste but I was in hysterics the entire time.

4. Divergent – bad movie. Theo James is a god. I’ll sit through all 4 just to watch him breathe.

5. 21 Jump Street – 1 was better than 2 but still hilarious.

6. Not strictly movies but anything by Louis Theroux  – Amazing journalist and love watching his exposes. Yeah not movie movies but meh, my blog, I can add what I want.

7. Iron Man – RDJ is swag. Second one was a bit weaker than the others but I’ll forgive it.

8. Men In Black – Never fail to entertain nothing more.

9. Fast and furious minus Tokyo Drift – really goes without explaining. RIP Paul Walker.

10. The Transporter series – Jason Stathom at his best and WITH a plot. Winning.

10. Harry Potter – gotta be in there. Though books better.

11. TED – fucking hilarious.

12. Silence of The Lambs classic.

OMG I firgit Goid Will Hinting That’s inexcusable. It ties for no 1!

I also give much credit to Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan but for different reasons. Gut wrenching, real life, pure horror.

Honourable mentions to most marvel movies (bar the Toby McGuire Spider-Man or X-men or Wolverine), good Adam Sandler, The Hangover and Oceans (insert number, not original)

I’ll leave the classics for another time!

Feel free to add your own.