Everyone Needs A Friend

blue bi colour male

So I’m sitting here plotting, trying to manipulate and even coerce MrBmB into getting Elliot, otherwise known as The Genius Grumpy Cat, a playmate. See I think she misses her litter mates terribly, she misses the kitten interaction and this is whats making her all types of neurotic. Or maybe she is neurotic normally and hell all of us neurotic people know there is nothing better in life than playing with people who are just as neurotic as you are. Who the fuck am I not to provide her with that absolute glory in life? Now MrBmB is dead set against this idea, he thinks that one kitten is enough. But since Elliot has a major cat boner for him, I think it’s really just because he is sick of being smooched all over. Big fat fucking deal, this cat might just love me more! Did you ever think of that MrImSoSpecial? So while he is busy saying NO, I’m busy setting up the deal with the breeder we got Elliot from, because let’s face it other than the neurotics, she is a pretty awesome cat. Was litter box trained and everything. Plus we have a king sized bed, big enough for me and two cats if MrBmB follows through on the divorce threats. Ha! Like he ever would, I threaten him with sole custody of the 4 spawn and that puts an end to that. Plus I have boobs, so I win, it


Speaking of new friends, my shiny GOLD iPhone 6 just arrived at the door. Well when I say arrived at the door I mean I ran out to the carrier and pretty much crash tackled him for it. Ohh “I haven’t got you in the system proper”… I don’t care fucker hand over the phone or we are wrestling to the death and I KNOW you have a truck full of other iPhones in there, so odds on I’m fighting to win. Which means I’m not fighting fair. I want the da,n phone, give it to me. Ok problem solved, phone opened and then I realise I haven’t backed up my old phone in AGES and I need to do this before I can even start playing with my new phone. Fuck, I really have the dumbs. Why didn’t I do this last night? I’m an idiot and now I have no one to blame but myself for the 30 minute wait I’m going to have to endure before I can actually play with it. Fuckity, fuckity, fuck.

What I will say is it’s  bigger than I thought it would be, and it’s NOT the plus version.  That thing is basically just going to be a tablet that acts as a phone. After seeing the size of this one, I’m certain I made the right call not to go with the plus for personal phone. The other fucker, while might not get lost as easily, would for sure stretch all the pockets in my designer bags and we can’t have that! So this size will do. OMG, did I mention it’s FINALLY here, its gold and the epic 48 hour no sleep bender was totally worth it?

So short post today, I have kittens to sell to MrBmB and a phone to play with… so long suckers!

Also that’s why minimal…. I’m suer you will get an update ON the phone and about Mr New Grumpy cat tonight… And my marriage status. If I’m available I’ll let you send in head shots and we can go from there!