Dear Twitter Hacker.

teitter numbers

Today I want to say a giant FUCK YOU to whomever, or whatever thought it would be hilarious to hack my Twitter account. Because waking up to all sorts of spam, even the pornographic kind, are just a little hard to stomach without my initial coffee IV infusion. Even more frustrating is the fact I had to wait several fucking hours to fix this issue because I actually have a life. I need to feed, cloth, get kids ready for school and drive them fucking there and then drive home again. So it had to get put on the back burner.

So I stewed for a good 4 fucking hours on this. All the time the spammer keeps spamming my account. First thing I did, since such spamming like this, when I checked the spam ads, ISN’T free is check my PayPal account.

Now I KNOW who it is, I had some very suspicious transactions on my PayPal, so disputed them. Of course I rang first thing and it’s all been sorted but the damage is fucking done. While I have the $700, yeah you read that right, $700 of my money they took back, my Twitter account and followers have paid the price. I’ve coped all types of abuse from aggravated followers because they were not only spamming ON my page but also IN messages. If I was them I’d be fucking angry too. Actually the clue should have been that I’d been receiving spamming messages, but I just chalked that down to assclowns buying Twitter followers and this being part of the price they paid and thus as having them on my list, I had to bend over and take up the ass cause I didn’t know whom was who. No I didn’t report them, maybe I should have, but I figured if you’re desperate enough to buy twitter followers AND spend money that dobbing you in would just be plain mean of me, there are already issues there. I’m not going to add to them. Each to their own.

Now I realise that they might have been hacked, just as I was, and I’m glad I didn’t report. I would fucking hate to have someone’s Twitter suspended or deleted because of some evil hacker cunt. That would suck big fat hairy ones. So I’m glad I at least ignored them, now I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. But please all out there check your twitter, secure it, look at the apps that have access to it and stop these bastards in their tracks. I’d also change all PayPal passwords or at least make sure they aren’t the same. Stupid me has had to change my Twitter password so many times, I reused the same password, so more fool me. Stupid! I own that one.


One of the hackers I managed to track down, via PayPal and the huge fucking sum of money he took from me is VERY angry. Threatening all types of things, like having my account suspended and saying I committed fraud for reporting transactions for getting MY money back for transactions I didn’t authorise and never would.

Since I didn’t authorise these transactions in the first place he can shove his tirade up his fucking ass! Now he might have been wronged too, maybe someone hacked my PP as well, and put the funds into his account, but that seems fucking unlikely. Unless there is someone out there who thought that actually hacking my PP would go unnoticed and that this guy really thinks he provided me with a service “I paid for” of adding me followers. How many times do I say I’m not here to be liked or popular? They obviously didn’t read my blog. If that’s the case, then yes I feel bad for him too, but be fucked if he’s keeping money that I didn’t authorise to send to him. Let him work out, along with PP who the real problem lays with. That’s what they are fucking for, but we all know PP are useless and all they care about at the end of the day it THEIR profits and not protecting the consumer. So I think it’s safe to say that nothing will get done. So now I have a fucking account deletion hanging over my head, that I did nothing to fucking cause and all I do is waiting to see if Twitter are reasonable if/when my account gets suspended. Though since I have ZERO faith in the people who run all these kinds of websites, the chances of this turning out good is slim to none.

So a huge fucking thank you to whomever the cunt was that hacked everything. I’m not even sure how it’s possible, I wouldn’t have thought so, but people always prove me wrong in the most fucking epic way. I ALWAYS underestimate the amount of cunts there are out there and how they just like to fuck with people for fun. Though I should assume this isn’t for fun, but to make money. Or maybe it was revenge of some sort? That’s if the angry threatening cunt really is innocent. I just don’t know anymore. Fuck, people really are cunts. I doubt his innocence now though.

end you

All I can say is when I find out who IS responsible for this, then they ARE going to pay. It’s one thing to troll, it’s another thing to hack my Twitter account but steal money and I’m coming after you ALL guns blazing. So whomever it is, you have been warned. You just went to the top of my most wanted/must be punished list! I’m going to fuck you up so badly that you won’t even know your own name by the time I’ve finished with you and in this case you are VERY welcome!

Oh and as an added bonus TRYING to lock me out of my account and a handy app that let’s me track followers and unfollowers gives me a huge list of 5k+ either fake/hacked or illegal accounts. Twitter is going to have fun going through them all. Sorry to all the legit users who may have utalised this bastards services to boost numbers but since you let them control your account and I can’t tell who’s good and who’s bad, I’m sorry but you’re going to become collateral damage.

Like I always say “don’t fuck with the whore with a dick”… Nice Jewish saying that one!