This Guy Makes My Skin Crawl!

You know what I really really hate? Yeah ok that doesn’t narrow the list down too much, it’s a long list, but this one is right near the top. It’s a person, in the singular form. Whomever I see post some BS post about the number of whores he’s managed to sleep with, get to pose in positions that guarantee they will be working menial jobs for the rest of their lives and needing to own shares in a condom company, I just see pure flaming fucking red. Let’s just call him Blitz by name and nature.

Do you actually do ANYTHING but whore out your services and play poker? Like have a job? Run a company or I dunno think? You don’t seem like the thinking type. So these questions are a bit redundant. Big word I know, dictionary you should be able to afford. Get one.

See said man boy is not super attractive, has money from poker winnings, quite a lot it seems that he WILL manage to blow (no pun intended) in a year or so and is so fucking narcissistic that even my narcissistic streak fails to comprehend it. That’s a whole level of past narcissism into what I’m calling Blitzicism.

In the scheme of “rich” you really don’t even blip on the scale, you’re a wannabe. Best you settle for that cause it’s as good as it’s going to get.

Said person is NOT super attractive, actually his face looks like he’s growing pubes and seems like he hasn’t progressed past 16 where ALL sexual conquests must be public knowledge. All types of classy. It seems money really doesn’t buy class, at all and if it could I suggest he invest real bloody quickly. Cause man you’re the fucking lord of all douches, if ever I’ve seen one.

You want a pat on the back for getting your dick wet? A bigger pat because the girl has a boyfriend. Oh boy, you really are a fucking idiot that tops the list of all idiots. And I know idiots a many. Yeah the bro code gets you likes and followers, or does it? I suggest like the lays, it’s all about your net worth. See without the money and the pile of drugs you and said whores are ingesting, you’re nothing but a nothing really. Trust me when I say this, you’re not fucking good-looking, your personality is disgraceful and the STD’s your bound to catch, well they just actually add to your fucking charm. The STD’s are a bonus, cause you deserve them, in spades. Hopefully your dick will fall off before you lose all your money or spend it being a total load of horseshit or the bacteria living in year old horseshit. Whatever my point remains the same.

I actually hear you’re really not that good at poker anyways, so a gigalo is a good second option. You pay for sex already, most well turn it into a profitable business. Though my guess is there will be no takers. Without money you hold very little appeal. Since I don’t covert money or need it, I’m not impressed by anything you post. Actually the opposite, you instantly make me want to gag. That’s a skill in itself. My gag reflex is near non-existent working in my field but you’re a total clusterfuck of all things a real man isn’t.

You see there will always be dumb or high or dumb and high girls who do stupid shit. You’re paying them in sorts for doing it. So basically you’re using prostitutes, in a round about way. Wow dude you’re so fucking cool that your well revolting. Trust me, I’m right. All your likes, followers and retweets don’t actually respect you, want to be you and if they are smart come within transmittable diseases distance of you. You are the walking, talking cesspool of depravity that is like a car wreck, you know you should look away, you’re going to be visually assaulted by what you see but morbid curiosity prevails and has the 14,year old boy living inside every man watching. Fuck knows why, because you’re actual repulsion factor is so high, there is no scale.

I’ve heard you described as “my kind of asshole” which I assume means that you’re an asshole that they know is going to sink eventually. I’ve never heard a redeeming factor about you and after looking through your twitter feed, before I unfollowed you, I sure as fuck hope it happens sooner rather than later. Or if there is a god, he smites you hard. I’d like to think you’re not going to hell cause some cool people will be there. I hope you go to a place where you can just see hell and the fun it is and just watch enviously. You’d pollute the pool of cool in hell so bad that it really would be hell. Actually I’m pretty sure without your guns, I could take you in a fight, verbal or physical because my behavioural analysis skills. I bet tough guy I could even make you cry. Cause under all that false bravado, you’re an insecure little boy seeking external approval. What a an absolute turn on. To be clear that is sarcasm, you likely missed it.

You’re a total misogynist, with no respect for woman or yourself. That much is self-evident. I’m sure you have some bullshit reasons like your mummy didn’t hug you enough, a woman you loved burned you or something that shifts blame from yourself to someone else. That’s how your kind rolls. I’m call in you on it. It’s none of those things, you’re just a knuckled headed pig man whore that can finance your lifestyle, temporarily. When the money dwindles, you’re going to need an industrial sized tub of lube cause as sure as shit all that wet pussy, will become like the Sahara desert. All that will be left are crack whores or dumb ass girls who think 10k is a lot of money. Good-luck with that.

I will finish this with what is some sage advice, real women don’t like sloppy seconds. They really don’t like sloppy 1000’s. But then again, I don’t think you’re a match for a REAL woman. We wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole soaked in antiseptic and if you had a 10 year bleach bath. So my advice is get better at poker, save some money and just maybe your local meth head might take you in. But my guess is you’ll live the rest of your days staring at picture wondering where it all went wrong. The answer? You, you’re where it went wrong.

Oh and PS this blog gets no pictures, you’re not worth that much of my time.