Rant MY Rage!


So to celebrate one whole week of BmB entering the blogaverse, because I fear blogosphere is too containing, I’ve decided to implement a little thing called “Rant My Rage” where you dear reader can suggest rants you’d like to see me do.

Don’t get me wrong I have literally (and not the bastardised American form of the word than means figuratively. You know the Oxford dictionary had to change the definition of literally due to all you fuckers?!) a million things I could rant about. But I’ve decided it would be fun to take suggestions and produce a fan fueled rant once a week and dedicate it to the fans who’ve suggested it.

The only rules are you must be a fan of BmB on FB (found by searching bitemybark, you can’t miss it), the topic must be rant worthy (keeping it within the parameters of all is fair game but hate speech or things that are totally non PC are not ok) and keeping in mind that I have total discretion at the direction the rant heads, includes, doesn’t include and basically entire post content. You’re supplying the inspiration! So what WILL you get?

So, if you have a rant suggestion feel free to send BmB message. Feel free to like others suggestions in a show of support.

Oh and trollers, you will be unmercifully punished at my discretion. Hell you could score a personalized rant.

Go! (If you dare)