This is not just a rant….. This is PURE HATE!



So technically this is a rant blog. To me rants are things that piss me off enough to take the mickey and babble on about why they irritate me, call people some names and basically put my feelings out there for the world to read. Some people agree, some disagree and some even find it downright offensive. Such is the nature of the beast and life goes on… Though I’m looking sideways at those I know decided to “unlike” me after my swearing rant. For the love of all things holy, some people really need to get a sense of humor. It’s all in good fun.

Though today this post is NOT in good fun, not at the least. I wouldn’t even call it a rant. There is no wiggle room in this post. There is no disagreeing with me, well not if you’re a decent person. There are just screams of THE FUCKERS SHOULD BURN! Yes, I know that’s a big call. But let me say three simple words to you that will put this all in perspective. Now prepare yourself, because these three words dear reader will incite fury and all things that make you want to go all kinds of psycho crazy and you WILL be ok with it. You have been warned!



evil Westbro

First things first; hating things in life is easy, very easy. As creatures we are easily annoyed and the hate/dislike just oozes out. But this isn’t just hate this is DESPISE. I’m talking white-hot molten fury. The type that consumes you and you become incandescent with rage and ready to take actions you never really thought you were capable of. For me that is a massive statement, I’m capable of a lot of things. What this group could make me do, if I ever came face to face with them, would earn me jail time. Consecutive life sentences and I would smile the entire fucking time. No lie.

This is a very special kind of hate that’s saved for the worst of the worst. Anyone involved in sexual acts against children, mass murderers, people who spew hate speech and my all time top of the list, those who use “God” to vilify, denigrate, hate on and piss all over people who don’t share their views. Those who have decided they can declare who is going to hell and who isn’t. Now it should be noted here, I’m no biblical scholar; my faith waivers and I hate organized religion. It’s that simple. Man corrupts organized religion. But these men/women/children, they take that to a whole new level…. A level that is so unacceptable that how they still even walk the face of this planet boggles my brain. If there was a God, I’d sure as shit think he would have smited them for all of eternity by now. But maybe he’s biding his time, I’m not sure. We are taught God is forgiving, so maybe he is giving them a chance at redemption. It’s a long shot at best and not a bet I would take.

So Westboro Church I’m looking right at you, staring you directly in the eyes and mustering all the contempt, hate, rage and total and utter disgust I can manage. Believe me, for a psychopath with morals; you just received the evil eye to end all even eyes. I have Viking blood coursing through my veins, so add that in too. That’s some seriously epic “capable of bad things” genes going on. (No offence, to anyone of Scandinavian/Viking/Nordic origin here, but history is pretty clear on the matter)

I used to think I couldn’t despise anything more than FB. Then I looked outside my little sandbox and there you were. A Class EPIC CUNTS! There is no other term to describe you. If there is a worse term, please feel free to enlighten me, because I really can’t think of one and I would be delighted to find one.

Westboro Baptist (not real Baptists for the record) Church you are so disgusting on so many fucken levels if I started listing them, I fear I’d never stop or I’d self-combust. Or I’d personally be compelled to hunt you down one by one and stick you’re heads on my walls as trophies. For someone who hates hunting that’s a big call. But hunting is innocent animals for sport. Hunting you down is a vital public service. How you’ve managed to survive this long, I’ll never know! Is that a challenge, perhaps, but I’d call it merely food for thought. I’m aware of the legal implications of calling for people’s heads as trophies, so I won’t, but I won’t stop you either.

I’m not even going to try to be witty today,these bastards don’t deserve it. What they do deserve is everything the have reaped back on them a million times over. If there is a god, who you claim to represent, fuck I hope you get smited for all of eternity. If there is longer than eternity, then let’s go with that. Even the devil is too good for you…. I imaging there are some really cool people in hell. You don’t deserve that; you deserve to burn white-hot for as long as time exists and beyond! And beyond whatever is beyond beyond. I don’t care what it is, as long as it hurts and you suffer it.

Your lives are fuelled with preaching hate in the name of God. Taking segments from the bible, twisting them to suit your purposes and ignoring the passages that directly contradict your approach. As I said I’m no religious scholar, but I’m yet to come across a religious text that doesn’t say god loves, god is accepting, god is forgiving and here is the ABSOLUTE kicker, God is the one who makes the final determination of a persons good/bad status. Not you, you fucken bunch of inbred, hicks and obviously deranged individuals.

You live to hate. You use god to hate. You pick good people, who have sacrificed for their country, who’ve commuted charitable acts, who have made a difference in the world, the good kind and you piss all over them! While you on the other hand, do things that are despicable, hateful and so inhumane that its breathtaking that it defies words. I can’t even find the words bad enough to describe you and your revolting acts. I really can’t and for someone who is really good at insulting people, that is a feat in itself.

I read this morning you are picketing Robin Williams funeral cause he dared portray a gay character, to cross dress for a comical movie. A man who gave so much, joy to so many, was a philanthropist and struggled with depression for his entire life. A man who just found out he had early stages of Parkinson Disease and in the lowest moment a human can have, took his own life. Simply put that is just plain fucken evil. Who the fuck made you judge, jury and executioner? In the name if god? A god on all accounts who is forgiving, accepting and doesn’t make mistakes. Since homosexuality is genetic, are you saying you know better than this god you so strongly and loudly protest to represent? Or did you skip that day at bible school or wherever the fuck you pull your religious ideals. Out your ass comes to mind.

The word church here is obviously used liberally because the more accurate term would be cult. You a small member if inbred rednecks whom indoctrinate your children from birth to hate. That 5-year-old holding the sign “death to fags” do you really think that comes naturally or he knows what he’s doing? It’s brainwashing of the worst kind. The only group I can think to compare you to is white supremacists and they hold a special place in my molten loathing too. Where the fuck is CPS in all if this? How can these vile creatures be considered acceptable parent material? Good god there’s falling through the cracks and falling through a gaping chasm! CPS you need to rescue these poor children. That’s you DAMN JOB!!

So what do you represent? Or in easier terms hate?

  • Homosexuals
  • Catholics
  • Protestants
  • Eastern Orthodoxology
  • Oriental Orthodoxology
  • Islam
  • Jews
  • Hinduism
  • Add in anyone else who isn’t part of your cult.

You claim not to support:

  • Racism
  • Neo Nazis

This comes under the what the living fuck territory. Seems rational enough, these things should not be supported, at all, ever. But then I looked a little deeper into what you believe and the contradictions actually fucked my brain so bad, I’m not sure I will ever be the same again. This may or may not be a good thing, time will tell. But what I can say with certainty is; you as a group need to crawl back into the primordial ooze you came from and drown in it. (Obviously have empathy for they children here, they know no better. Their parents are supposed to be their moral compass, so this I spare for the adults that should know better. What I hope for the children is they are removed from these vile excuses for humans, given extensive therapy and are able to move on in life to be happy, productive and good people.)

Then make claims like;

“We don’t believe in physical violence of any kind, and the Scripture doesn’t support racism. … The only true Nazis in this world are fags.”

Yet you protest in the hope of violence cause the lawsuits you win fund your never-ending hate campaign. How convenient. The only true Nazi’s are fags? So the Neo Nazi’s, while you don’t support them, they are ok with you? Regardless of their war crimes? Their atrocities against humanity? Their vile and heinous acts? What the living fuck?

“Jews killed Christ”, and “Fag Jew Nazis are worse than ordinary Nazis. They’ve had more experience. The First Holocaust was a Jewish Holocaust against Christians. The latest Holocaust is by Topeka Jews against Westboro Baptist Church.”

OK so the Jewish hate is spewing, this is not unexpected. Not right, but not unexpected given their depravity. But let me get this right Jewish groups who are standing up to YOU are part of a Holocaust? Do you own a dictionary? Do you know what the Holocaust was? Do you have more than half a functioning brain cell? So to summarize, contradictory to above (surprise, surprise)

You don’t like Neo Nazi’s due to the violence of the Holocaust but make direct comparisons that are completely absurd. Since you have what 40 members, who to the best if my knowledge are all still intact, what the fuck kind if deluded comparison IS this?! My brain is splitting into sharded fragments here and I’m afraid I’m going to bleed out here.

“Topeka Jews today stir up Kansas tyrants in persecuting Westboro Baptists. They whine about the Nazi Holocaust, while they perpetrate the Topeka Holocaust.”

My jaw just hit the floor! Whine about millions of deaths in comparison to putting you back in your place and trying to bury you in the primordial ooze you came from, or bury you deep in a hole, a hole that is too good for you? This compares how? Please enlighten me cause I’m so bloody lost that there isn’t a map in the world that will save me. You really need to be all kinds of deluded to get this way if thinking…,

Also the Church has previously condemned particular nations, such as Italy, which it described as a nation of “mobster-breeding perverts “and Australia, which it describes as the “land of the sodomite damned”.

Obviously backed up by strong evidence?! Of course not, the truth is subjective right? No facts needed. I can’t even reply to this because it defies logic.


Just stop for a second I’m having a MAJOR WTF moment…. How many branches of the absolute moron tree did the members hit on the way down and did it somehow change their genetic code? Cause this shit makes NO senses. Have the fuckers even read the damn bible? At this point I’m not sure they actually CAN read. Fuck, monkeys have a better grasp on religion!


It gets better (this is sarcasm);

The Westboro Baptist Church believes that Barack Obama is the Antichrist and that he forms an unholy trinity with Satan and Pope Benedict XVI, whom they believe is the False Prophet.

An unholy trinity, guess we needed one somewhere. No fairy-tail is complete without one! All political and religious beliefs aside, it seems we have just picked whom we perceive as the two biggest threats to their thoughts and lumped them with the devil. Makes for a convincing argument? A convenient argument more like it. Where the fuck do you pull this shit?

Margie Phelps, daughter of pastor Fred Phelps and attorney (OMG how can ANY of these creations smart enough to pass law school? Granted there are dumb lawyers out there, I love them, but this is beyond that and into it fucks my shit up so bad I’m loosing control) for WBC, said in an interview with Fox News that Obama is “absolutely” going to Hell and that he is “most likely the Beast spoken of in the Revelation”. She also said Obama’s presidency is a sign of the Apocalypse.

Love or hate Obama, the Anti Christ? Apocalypse? I’m on the look out for the four horsemen from here on in. I wonder when the government changes, whether a new Anti Christ will be anointed? Seems that’s the way it’s going to have to go. Unless one of them becomes President. Saving grace is that is NEVER going to happen. So I guess we should be prepared for more Anti Christ’s. King Jong Un should get an honourable mention at least. Though I’m not sure if they actually know North Korea exists. Don’t give them too much credit.


So here is a brief history lesson. I admit this I needed to research because honestly I’ve never taken the time to investigate this; my brain is rotted from doing so and I have now fallen well out of Mensa league.

The Westboro Baptist Church is a congregation in Topeka, Kansas, started by Pastor Fred Phelps. (He died in 2014, no great loss) They are an independent church, not affiliated with any denomination. Hang on they say they are Baptist? I’m confused. I’m getting used to it. They are known for their virulent protests against homosexuality and anything and anyone they consider supportive of the “homosexual agenda.” Ok broad enough to hate indiscriminately. Got ya!

The Westboro Baptist Church is well-known for picketing places and events they see as supporting either homosexuality or Jews. This has grown to include actual gay and lesbian events, churches and organizations they feel do not repudiate homosexuality sufficiently, and the funerals of soldiers (who fought in a war they say was caused because of America’s tolerance for homosexuality). Although known in Topeka since the picketing of Gage Park in 1991, they came to national attention in 1998 after the horrific murder of admitted homosexual Matthew Shepherd who was beaten and left to die tied to a fence outside of Laramie, Wyoming. Members of the Westboro Church protested at Matthew’s funeral and his murderers’ trials and created a website saying Matthew was burning in hell.

I have NO words. Is there a word worse than Class A EPIC Cunts? That includes pure evil? Are they evil or are they mad? Seriously. It’s the age-old psychological debate mad v evil. I have no idea, which way I lean on this. Both likely, assuming they aren’t mutually exclusive.

In addition, members of the Westboro Baptist Church believe that natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and war are all God-initiated judgments on the evil in the world. They state that the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. occurred because God wanted America to enter into a war they couldn’t win, thereby losing the lives of countless soldiers. Every tragedy, they claim, is judgment because of support of homosexuality or Jews or because of attacks on Westboro Baptist Church members.

Ok then. I see, god smites FOR them. Check delusions of grandeur and persecution. Heading into mad territory. They have to have hit ever branch on the way down out of that moron tree and it had to be at least a mile high! Whatever you do, don’t drink their water! There has to be more than a genetic insufficiency here. Are they drugged or is this just wishful thinking? I think it may be, because even with all the heinous acts man is capable of, this rates right up there with the worst. Humanity can be a bastard. This is most definitely bastard territory.

Westboro Baptist Church: The Messages

1. “God hates [everybody]”

What began as the rallying cry “God hates fags” has now devolved into a comprehensive inclusion of nearly every group, every nation, and every person who is not involved in Westboro Baptist Church. They are quick to assert that God hates anyone who does not believe exactly as they do and who does not act as they do.

In short god loves ONLY them. I have a feeling they are in for a rude shock in the afterlife. To be a fly on that wall. I really hope the smiting part of the bible is true, that the hell part is true and these fuckers feel the full wrath.


2. “[Everybody’s] going to hell”

The members of Westboro Baptist Church are quick to assert that those they name are going to burn in hell. To make such a dogmatic pronouncement is to usurp the place of God. Westboro Baptist Church denies God’s compassionate love for all people and declares others’ position of salvation.

Bible, forgiveness, redemption be dammed, it’s all lies. It’s all up to them! Not sure but this kind of falls into false deity territory I’d think? Isn’t that a sin in itself? Just keep adding to the list I guess. Well they are going to be shit out of luck in the afterlife aren’t they? Good! I want to be there to do a happy dance, really I do. It will involve dancing around and giving these Godless monsters the finger repeatedly and a whole bunch of swearing. I want a front row seat. I think I can say with confidence God would approve.


Westboro Baptist Church: The Method

The way in which Westboro Baptist Church spreads its message is mostly through websites and picketing. They are proud of their ability to picket several different places every day, often bringing their children along with them. They hold signs declaring “God hates ___”, and yell at passersby. Their websites are filled with declarations about the judgment of God and the specific sins they believe public figures have committed. They include much vile name-calling and usually come around to accusations of support of homosexuality. Christian leaders, churches, and para-church organizations are as quick to attract their wrath as any secular institution. This tone is completely contradictory to the teachings of the Bible.

Surprise surprise, they hate all other religions. Well that’s not a surprise. They are a cult and of course they hate the masses of religions that are contradictory to their vitriolic stupidity. Anyone else think they are making this shit up as they go along? I’m no biblical expert, far from it, but I see the glaring contradictions from the religious education classes I took in grade 2! I though Scientology was bad, these guys make it look like they are playing “dress ups” when it comes to cults.

Part of the methodology of picketing with intentionally offensive signage is to antagonise people to the point of violence. When this occurs, Westboro Baptist Church is quick to take legal action. Westboro Baptist Church has a team of experienced lawyers at their disposal. Sadly, some of Westboro Baptist Church’s activities are funded by the financial gains from this litigation.

Against violence? Except to fund their cause. Which they incite on purpose. So inciting violence on purpose isn’t supporting it. It’s just a lucky coincidence it funds them. I don’t believe in coincidences.

“Our message to this evil world is that God hates you, and you better prepare for the return of Christ in power and glory. Jesus came the first time to save; and Jesus will come the second time in vengeance, because you do not obey the Gospel. It will be soon, and you will experience the wrath of the Lamb, face to face.”

Well the do know evil. Just don’t seem to understand it too well. They also appear to have no understanding of the Gospel they supposedly refer to and teach. What a nice surprise for them awaits. Again to be a fly on that wall…. If there is a God can I PLEASE be there to see it. Pretty please.


To quote Ricky Gervais: I hope the Westboro Church dance on my grave when I’m dead. I’m being buried at sea.

To add to this let’s hope it’s a traditional Viking funeral. These fuckers deserve to burn.

* I absolutely REFUSE to put ANY pictures of these fuckers in this post, protesting their with, hate and evil.

** I apologise for the use of the word “fag” in this post. It is obviously not my choice of word and is directly quoted from Westboro Church. For them I apologise also!

If you want to read more about them here is their website. Be warned, you will end up smashing shit! Feel free to leave them a friendly message, or a million. Or if you know how to shut the site down! I’m not even sure how it’s still up? Aren’t there laws against this type of shit being on the internet like this? If not WHY THE FUCK NOT?!!

For some reason this link is not working, you will have to put it in your browser….

westbro PR

Or maybe we should?! Not shoot up the church, that would be wrong but picket their funerals. Let’s see how 400,000 protestors compares to their 40! I’m actually not kidding. Though peaceful people, because we cannot and will not sink to their level.